As the end of Game of Thrones draws near , events have accelerated to the breakneck pace of recent seasons. Season 8 promised to continue the trend concentrating epic moments in the last six chapters, but to the surprise of many 8×02 ‘The Knight of the Seven Kingdoms’ hits the brakes to the bottom to offer us a chapter, mostly filler.
We will have to wait another week to see the epic battle that everyone is talking about. Meanwhile, the protagonists prepare to enjoy what could be their last night in Westeros. Each one does it in their own way, and while some gather around a campfire to tell their war stories and drink wine, others resolve sexual tensions.
Despite having very worthy moments, this 8×02 has made it difficult for us to keep our eyes open during the early hours of Sunday to Monday. We tell you why.

The Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
Trying to leave behind the name of Kingslayer to be remembered as a respected knight of Westeros, Jaime completed his redemption by submitting to the will of Daenerys. It was clear that she would forgive him, but not before receiving the advice of Tyrion and Brienne, who know that Jaime has become a completely different person and that he is no longer dedicated to throwing children out of the window. At this point, it seems that the mother of dragons no longer knows how to judge for herself.
Brienne and Jaime in Game of Thrones. | HBO.
If in the first chapter we criticized Sansa’s attitude towards Daenerys, in The Knight of the Seven Kingdoms we realize that the young Stark only wants to answer an important question (and a lot): what would happen to the North if the Targaryen sits on the Iron Throne
The writers strive to demonstrate Dany’s conviction to occupy her father’s throne, but that conviction begins to border on obsession.
In the crypts of Winterfell, which has become everyone’s confessional, Jon faces his talk with Danyand he confesses the truth about his past, news that she doesn’t quite accept. Again, we see a gesture of immaturity on the part of the dragon queen, who is still determined to be the only protagonist of the story. As if it were a lovers’ fight, Jon tries to calm the waters with: “It’s true, Dany.”

Arya and Gendry, fan service
The surprise has been huge with the passionate encounter between Arya and Gendry. Even Maisie Williams thought it was a joke when she read the script.
Arya and Gendry resolve unfinished business. | HBO.
As much as some are shocked, we must accept that eight years have passed since the premiere of the series, that Maisie is 22 years old (although she looks a few years younger) and that Arya has become old enoughhow to lose virginity The thing is, we could have gotten by without that scene, because we’re sure spending the night with Gendry wouldn’t be Arya’s priority . In short: a full-fledged fan service.

Appointments and milk of giantess
The most salvageable part of the chapter has been the appointment of Brienne as a knight , accompanied by most of the endearing characters of the series and receiving the votes of her platonic love: Jaime Lannister. In the midst of so much emotion, Tormund Matagigantes has once again put the comic note by confessing how he was breastfed by a giantess at the age of 10. “Giant’s milk,” emphasizes Tormund. One of the most epic phrases of the series.
At last, Brienne receives the appointment from him. | HBO.

Game of Thrones has put the brakes on these first two chapters before a battle that promises to be an anthology. Now we move on to the 80-minute episodes where there is no room for filler or fruitless talk, only for fire and steel. 8X02, The Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, will fall into oblivion when winter comes and only the memory of the series remains.

The best

  • Brienne’s appointment manages to excite us. We hope with all our hearts that it is not an early farewell.
  • Without falling into the caricature, Tormund is leaving us the best comic gags of the final season.


  • The meeting between Jaime and Daenerys passes without pain or glory to give way to some inconsequential reunions and bland talk.
  • The moment between Arya and Gendry is shoehorned. It serves to satisfy the few who wanted these two characters to resolve their sexual tension.
  • Daenerys, who was one of the favorites, has a duel of egos with Sansa quite abhorrent.

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