There are a number of common signs that a man likes you . They are almost always imperceptible gestures, small betrayers that pass unnoticed before our eyes. Other times they are very obvious, although we do not always know how to see them. In any case, we do not want to mislead anyone, because each person is different and a gesture of affection can mean just that.
For you to keep in mind, we have gathered 10 signs that indicate that he feels a certain attraction for you. Watch out! Because each of these signs does not mean anything by itself, but if you see that more than one is fulfilled, it is very likely that there is chemistry between you. Keep your eyes wide open.
Before starting, we warn you that the article is written from the point of view of a straight man, but the signs could be valid for any sexual orientation.

1. Keep smiling
A pretty obvious sign that he likes you is that, when he’s with you, his world is like a cotton cloud . Any feeling is multiplied by a thousand and he can’t help but smile from ear to ear. It is an involuntary gesture that we all make: when we are with the person we are attracted to, we want to bring that person into a positive emotional state. That’s why we smile like idiots.

2. Look for any excuse to be with you
It doesn’t matter if you have a company dinner or a family reunion. When you are in the first phase of falling in love,Any excuse is good to stay with you. This can end up being counterproductive for him, because spending too much time together can land him right in the friend zone. Of course, it’s not your fault that you don’t feel the same way, as long as you make your feelings clear.

3. He blushes when he talks to you (or can’t help but laugh)
It usually happens. When you start a conversation, something inside makes you unable to act naturally. Nervousness usually manifests itself in the form of laughter and blushes (so cute!). The shyest cannot control the sweating of their hands, something quite unpleasant on the other hand.

4. Their friends laugh if they see you appear
It is likely that he has told his friends about his attraction to you. For this reason, when you enter the scene, the hidden laughter and knowing glances begin . He is likely to feel embarrassed and even upset at the reaction of his friends. Everyone is free to express (or not) their feelings.
Be careful, because these signals are nothing by themselves. | David Nunez.

5. He takes care of himself when he’s with you
This doesn’t mean that all guys are careless as usual, but rather that he strives to maintain a good image in your presence. A change of hairstyle or a well-shaped beard are usually the usual symptoms.

6. Your body posture
Body posture is somewhat difficult to interpret, but there are a number of details that reveal the attraction he feels for you. First of all we find the direction of his feet . If they point to you, there is a certain predisposition to seek your presence or attention. He will also seek your interaction through the posture of his body.

7. He does not know what to say when you give him a compliment
If you give him a compliment and he does not find the words to respond, it is that what you just said has caught him offside. Of course, everyone likes to be complimented, so it’s not strange that we blush if they tell us something we like. Interpret the signs carefully.

8. Looks you in the eyes (or mouth)
It is a gesture that we make involuntarily: divert our gaze towards the features that most attract us from the other person. If he’s constantly searching your eyes or glancing at your mouth, chances are he’s in the mood to kiss you . Be careful, because that doesn’t mean that everyone who looks at your mouth wants to kiss you.

9. Shows interest in things you like
Suddenly, he becomes interested in climbing or starts listening to that group that you like so much. One possible reason is that he is looking for an excuse to spend more time with you (back to the second signal). Another possible reason for his change of attitude is that he is interested in knowing your world or wants to know your tastes to please you.

10. Of course, he is nice to you
As children, we used to say that “he who fights, wishes”, but that statement has not proven to be true. A friendship relationship tainted by mistrust and mistrust can lead to a toxic sentimental relationship. If a man likes you, he will try by all means to make you feel safe and comfortable in his presence. As simple as that.

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