What would we do without this blessed drink? Coffee
gives us life in the morning or allows us to enjoy a pleasant moment of relaxation. There are many types of coffee according to their preparation and countless varieties if we talk about the cultivation method. Nowadays, preparing a good coffee is within everyone’s reach, don’t always settle for drinking it alone.

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The 10 types of coffee for all palates
We present the types of coffee that exist according to their preparation, small pleasures that move our senses.

1. Espresso
This type of coffee owes its name to the espresso machines used to make it. We could say that espresso is coffee in its purest essence , a strong black that creates a fine golden brown layer. There are different subcategories depending on the water that is added.

1.1 Simple
Coffee in all its simplicity, for the most purist. 30 milliliters of beverage are extracted from 7 grams of coffee . The most detailed affirm that the water has to be, exactly, at 88 degrees centigrade. Not one more and not one less.

1.2 Short or Ristretto
The one that has less amount of water ( 15 milliliters per 7.5 grams of coffee ) and therefore has a more concentrated flavor. Italians often say “poco ma buono”, which translates as “little but good”. Very popular within the types of espresso coffee.

1.3 Long or Lungo
Halfway between the simple and the double. We get about 40 milliliters of drink from 7.5 grams of coffee . Its flavor is not so intense, but it is ideal if the short or simple tastes little.

1.4 Double or Doppio
If you want the pleasure to never end, doppio is for you. As its name indicates, it is twice the size of a simple espresso, therefore 60 milliliters of drink are extracted for 7 coffee beans .

2. American
coffee Many say that its name is due to the fact that Americans did not digest Italian types of coffee well, so they developed their own method of preparation. In this case, the ground coffee is added to a cup of hot water (or any container that suits us). The result is a more diluted and digestible preparation.

3. Coffee with milk
We start now with the types of coffee that include milk in their preparation, and the most popular is coffee with milk. In this case, the proportion of milk is exactly equal to that of coffee . You can use any type of coffee, not just espresso.

4. Cafe latte
It differs from coffee with milk in proportion. To make a good latte, you have to addthree fourths of steamed milk . Normally an espresso machine and an air valve are used to heat the milk.
We must be careful not to overdo the temperature. How many times have we been served a coffee hotter than the gates of hell at the bar?

5. Macchiato or cut
One of the easiest coffees to prepare is the macchiato, known in some countries as cut coffee. It is a simple espresso mixed with 15 milliliters of milk , although the amounts are not usually exact. Some prepare it with foamed milk or heavy cream and even add a few drops of vanilla.

6. Latte Macchiato

A cup of hot milk is added a shot of coffee.The macchia is the small foam hat that remains on top and can be decorated in different ways, spreading chocolate syrup, caramel or sprinkling cocoa.

7. Cafe Bombon
Many claim that coffee loses all its essence when mixed with other ingredients, which prevent us from capturing the aroma of each variety. The rest of us mortals, who are not coffee professors, do not mind tasting a good chocolate coffee, in which evaporated milk is replaced by condensed milk .
It is important to pour the condensed milk first and then the coffee , so that there are two different layers, with different textures and flavors.

8. Cappuccino
This type of coffee is very popular, although in most cases it is made in the wrong way. In its preparation, 150 milliliters of coffee, hot milk and milk foam are used in equal parts.
Cappuccino is also characterized by a very thick foam . To do this, it is necessary to turn on the steam outlet up to 65 degrees, when a whirlpool begins to form at the top. The resulting macula is usually dusted with cocoa or cinnamon.

9. Mocachino
If you are a coffee lover but you also feel devotion to chocolate, you can melt with pleasure with a good mochachino. All we have to do is prepare a cappuccino and add two small spoonfuls of chocolate, either in syrup, syrup or cocoa.

10. Frappe
If you fancy something refreshing but want to continue drinking coffee, remember that there are many varieties that can be mixed with ice and are great. The Starbucks chain is an expert in making types of iced coffee such as Frappuccino which, despite being a registered trademark, already appears on some lists of production methods. The possibilities are endless.

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