Women ‘s winter trousers can be combined with crop pullovers , or oversized knitwear in general. The trousers for the 2021 trends are oversized and long. New materials are rediscovered, such as velvet.

Some revivals of the seventies are also rediscovered, such as flared trousers or super skinny jeans for the denim world.

Women’s winter pants: oversized

The winter pants for her shown on the catwalk with the new collections are oversized and extremely comfortable.

The most used colors are: caramel, mocha, chocolate, khaki and chalk.

A trendy color for trousers is also red, declined on patent materials in the brightest shades. The perfect match is with blazers, vests or crop sweaters.

Even if it is winter, there are Bermuda pants, which can also be used as a synonym of elegance, instead of skirts.

Women’s winter pants: super skinny jeans

Denim women ‘s winter trousers can be with different workmanship. The super skinny and super tight models remain , but with slight differences compared to last year.

To be super sexy, these models have only a hinted seventies flared opening , while in trousers with other material it is much more accentuated. The models will also be low-rise.

Little surprise for those of you who love artificially ripped jeans. For the new models, in fact, there is an inner lining in a different color than the denim. It is used to combine blazers and sweaters.

The mom jeans are replaced by the bootcut model, slightly wider at the knees. Finally, the jeans will have patchwork parts, in line with the latest trends of the moment.

Women’s winter trousers: leather

Women ‘s winter trousers with leather as a production material are the most whimsical and full of energy. Other fashionable models  can be stretch and vinyl trousers, track pants in soft nappa or with pleats . They can also be found with a high waist, but they do not go unnoticed. They easily coordinate with black rubber boots with high soles or heels, or even with the new shoes with chains.


Women’s winter trousers: mirror effect

Among the women’s winter trousers, also the mirror-effect trousers, in bright red, gold, silver or ocher yellow, are back in vogue .

The reason for this choice?

The mirror effect enhances the shapes. It is used for loungewear, instead of a tracksuit dress (which is very popular in the 2021 trends). The mirror effect is combined with single-colored elements, but which do not have the same brilliance.

On the catwalk, the most successful garments are the white or black mirror effect trousers, paired with a blazer of the same color and a leather blouse, and this used as a strategy to attract attention.

Women’s winter pants: how to match

To make the right combinations, always prepare colored sweaters in the wardrobe. They cannot be missing for the women’s fashion trends of the season.

The shirts to keep under this garment should be either white or black, a really must-have. Instead, the pants should be purchased of one model for each color. Black and white cannot be missing for the right combination , but you will also need a red model, a gray one and a bright one, to wear for special occasions.

Finally, you have to pay attention to the accessories, which must be coordinated in the right way, to always be at the top.

Our post dedicated to women’s winter trousers ends here. See you next time with women’s fashion tips, by our portal!