In this article we are going to know among all the Mexican actors that have been so far , which are really the most famous and representative Mexican actors of this Latin American country.
Of course, when choosing, we have not taken into account whether they are deceased or current Mexican actors, only those who have penetrated more into the seventh art, which are recognized in almost any corner of the world.

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The 10 most famous Mexican actors
Now yes, we begin our list of Mexican actors. As a curiosity, it should be noted that, compared to other countries, there is an acceptable number of Mexican actresses, while in other places, the female representation is usually much lower.
We can also see how young Mexican actors are the majority . This may have to do with the fact that cinema in Mexico has gained great repercussion relatively recently, and it is now that it is beginning to gain weight, largely due to the fact that several directors are giving visibility to the discipline in this country.
At the same time, it stands out that there are no deceased Mexican actors on our list. Although Mexico has a large number of excellent professionals, many are Mexican soap opera actors, which do not transcend the international scene. 10. Bruno Bichir (1967 –

He is one of the three Bichir brothers (along with Demian and Odysseus), who in turn are part of what is known as the “Bichir family” . A family of actors, all of them of Lebanese and Spanish origin.
With a family as prolific in the cinema as the Bichir family, it is not surprising that Bruno has participated in such significant works as El alley of miracles (1995), Che, the Argentine (2008), the series Narcos (2015) or the still filming Titans. 9. Kate del Castillo (1972 –
Among the most prominent Mexican soap opera actors , we find the unmistakable Kate del Castillo. For many, one of the current soap opera queens who has also worked for the big screen in works such as Visitors (2014), or The Book of Life (2014).
In any case, for many it will always be Teresa Mendoza, her role in the telenovela titled La Reina del Sur that gave her much of the fame that today allows her to appear on this list of the most famous Mexican actors in the world. 8. Eugenio Derbez (1961 –

In addition to being one of the most famous Mexican actors, Derbez has also stood out as a comedian, writer, screenwriter and director (among other things).
Without a doubt, the most versatile character on our list ofMexican actors who fully deserve their place among the best. 7. Karla Souza (1985 –
This Mexican actress has worked for movies, theater and television . Although she became famous for the movie We, the Nobles (2013), where she played Barbara Noble. But her career does not end here, she has continued to achieve success culminating to date with her work playing Laurel Castillo in How to Get Away with Murder (2014). 6. Demian Bichir (1963 –

To this day, he is one of the few Mexican actors who have been nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor . In fact, he was only the second actor to get such a nomination. He did it with the movie A better life (2011).5. Diego Gonzalez Boneta (1991 –

Full name Diego Andres Gonzalez Boneta, this 26-year-old actor (currently) is one of the most famous Mexican actors of the moment. He played Alex Santiago on the series Pretty Little Liars and won an Alma Award for the movie Rock of Ages.
This makes him one of the most promising young Mexican actors with the greatest future. 4. Gael Garcia Bernal (1978 –
Among the young Mexican actors, we find Gael Garcia , who was included in People magazine, in the following lists: Best Dressed Artists; Most Desired Bachelor and The 50 Latin Beauties.
But apart from his obvious physical attractiveness, Gael is one of the most successful Mexican actors.3. Cecilia Suarez (1971 –
Won the Diosa de Plata award for best female co-acting for A Wonderful World (2007) . She debuted with Sex, modesty and tears and was very well received. But the truth is that she has risen to prominence (pun intended) since she began with the series Cappadocia for HBO.

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2. Diego Luna (1979 –

His parents were set designers and his mother was also a costume designer. Since he was little he knew that he wanted to dedicate himself to the performing arts and little by little he has been climbing to become one of the most famous Mexican actors in the world.
He has already starred in movies like Rogue One, which have placed him at the forefront of international blockbusters. 1. Salma Hayek (1966 –

Hayek is undoubtedly the most famous Mexican actress in the world. She has collaborated and starred in many renowned films with highly regarded actors and directors, receiving numerous awards and accolades.
In fact, she isone of the only three Latin American actresses who have been nominated for an Oscar for best actress.
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