For twenty years now, chats and social networks have become the favorite hunting ground for men and women looking for a partner. Building relationships with the help of the internet is certainly easier, but web tools also hide pitfalls, especially if you are over half a century old and are not particularly used to using modern technologies. The specialized site has published a list of 10 tips to help women over 50 to conquer online safely. These tips are aimed at webchat users but are also extremely useful for those wishing to text via social networks.

1 – Don’t wait for me to send the first message

You have no reason to wait forever for his message. If you really like it and want to have a conversation, you should be the one to take the first step. Stop worrying about looking desperate! The truth is, sending a small harmless message will only make things easier. Flirting is a two-way street… but someone has to start moving.

2. Use a fun opening line, avoid boring greetings

If you send a boring “hello” followed by a smiley face, the person you’re interested in won’t have much of a chance to “add something” to the conversation. You will simply receive a greeting in response, and your chat will stall until you find something to say. Instead, play ahead and try to make a good first impression by sending a funny first message or requiring a reasoned response from him. For example, a couple of effective ideas could be:

  • The last message you sent in the public chat made me die of laughing (social version: the last post you shared made me die of laughing …)
  • I’m listening to your favorite singer, I like it a lot!

3. Use well-placed GIFs and emojis

A timed emoji or GIF can add excitement to the conversation. Use these tools to help you express yourself and show your witty or sarcastic side.

4. Play with his imagination

The best part about flirting with men via chat is that you can play with their imagination. Try to send a message that is ambiguous, but one that is totally innocent to be read. The idea is to just stimulate the dirty little minds of boys a little.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Sorry I didn’t answer right away, I just got out of the shower.
  • What are you doing? I’m trying on the new tops I bought

5. Manage impertinent responses “ladylike”

If you’ve tried tip number 4, be prepared to get dirty answers… But don’t go down to the man level, always keep an innocent and witty attitude!

The solution is to change the subject.

Let’s take an example.

  • What do you do? I’m trying on the new tops I bought
  • Him: Be careful, the neighbors might be spying on you! I’m sure they like the show
  • You: fortunately the only neighbor is aunt Mary and she is 78 years old xD

6 – Do not send messages or photos that you may regret

The most important thing to remember when texting is never to send anything you don’t want someone else to read. Remember that men use conversation screenshots as trophies to show to friends, so avoid embarrassing yourself and protect your image.

7 – Make him think about meeting you

Use suggestive language that will lead them to think they are meeting you in person, but don’t be too direct. In fact, try to get him to invite you. For example, you could use one of these expressions:

  • I saw the game on Saturday. Inter put on a show. I’d like to see a match at the stadium sooner or later. (He obviously uses the name of his favorite team).
  • I love live music too. I always hang out at [Local Name] on Friday nights
  • I didn’t know you were interested in [director’s name] movies, we should watch one together sooner or later.

8 – Space your messages so that the conversation lasts longer

The trick to maintaining the excitement when texting your crush is to extend your messages into a couple of hours, or even days. Don’t use all your tricks to flirt with him right away.

If it takes five or ten minutes to respond, you should do the same. The idea is to make sure things don’t happen too fast so your conversation can last a couple of hours. This will increase the excitement and give him the feeling that chatting with you can never get boring.

9. Wait for his reply before sending another text

One of the biggest mistakes a woman can make while flirting in chat is sending a second message before he replies to her previous one. Never be in a hurry. She calmly waits for her answer even if it takes hours.

10 – Compliment him every now and then

Compliment him from time to time to keep him hooked on talking to you though. It doesn’t take much effort to strengthen the male ego. Check out these ideas:

  • I haven’t seen you for a while, have you been training lately?
  • Do you write very well, do you read a lot?
  • I love your car. It looks “complicated” just like you.
  • I envy you a little … you seem like a very confident guy.