Currently our society does not have to worry much about basic needs, because, although not all in the same way, almost everyone has them more or less covered. This brings us to what some call First World Problems, and one of them is the ability to continue to have sex efficiently over the years.
In the face of erectile dysfunction, the problem arises from the impossibility of some people to take viagra, due to cardiovascular problems, since its consumption would suppose a very great risk that could cause even worse problems. The solution is unexpected, and although it does not have the same level of efficacy, there are aphrodisiac foods such as watermelon (due to one of its components, citrulline)has shown that they can have a similar effect to blue pills.

Eat watermelon for erectile dysfunction?

Viagra acts by carrying blood to the penis , causing erections that can last for hours, but being such a sudden chemical process for the body, it can have very negative consequences for the heart, as we have already mentioned before. . On the other hand, watermelon applying citrulline has a much less aggressive effect, which does not imply any unexpected side effect.

Citrulline is a non-protein amino acid., which once it enters the body is transformed into arginine, a substance that promotes nitric oxide synthesis, whose function is to dilate blood vessels, improving blood circulation and therefore erections. People who suffer from erectile dysfunction tend to have low levels of both amino acids, confirming their relationship with erections.
In recent years, several studies have been carried out with watermelon and citrulline, both in people and in rodents, and the substance has a positive effect on the erections of consumers compared to half of the people studied, who consumed placebo, although these Results are not endorsed by any health agency or the FDA, the United States Food and Drug Administration.
On the other hand, being one of the usual foods in summer diets , due to its flavor and its high water content, you don’t lose much by trying it either. Even so, the part that contains more citrulline is the rind, so the best thing to ingest it is watermelon smoothies, including all the watermelon in it.

9 other aphrodisiac foods
Watermelon is definitely an aphrodisiac, because, as the study makes clear, in addition to influencing an improvement in the circulation of blood vessels, increases sexual desire. Watermelon is valued very positively, in addition to all the benefits already listed, for its natural origin that avoids unexpected side effects. Also, here we leave you with a list of some of the best known aphrodisiac foods.

1. Chocolate
With a high content of Theobromine and Phenylethylamine, substances that exponentially increase sexual desire , chocolate is the perfect food to consume before having sexual intercourse, because the bitterness of the purest chocolate, which is absorbed by the membranes mucous membranes of the mouth, causes an increase in libido and concentration during sexual intercourse.

2. Oysters
Oysters provide a huge amount of zinc, compared to other common foods, reaching 63 milligrams per 100 grams, while other products only provide 10 milligrams. Zinc is one of the nutrients necessary for the creation of testosterone by men.
It has also been shown that the lack of zinc in the body causes sexual apathy , but its consumption does not increase sexual desire, so we would be talking about a placebo effect in the consumption of oysters.

3. Salmon Salmon
, like oysters, enjoys a reputation as an aphrodisiac caused by its zinc content, necessary for the generation of testosterone, but also its high content of Omega 3,It favors the reduction of cholesterol, and thus facilitates blood circulation throughout the body.

4. Bananas
By having a large amount of potassium as well as vitamin E, they improve the circulation of genital blood flow, as well as the formation of hormones. In general, any food that contains vitamin E will be considered an aphrodisiac, due to its infinity of benefits.

5. Grapes
Contains polyphenols, the best known of all of which is resveratrol, which is an antioxidant and vasodilator, thus favoring blood circulation throughout the body as well as in the genitals.

6. Nuts
Nuts in general help the production of sperm, as well as the main functions of the prostate. Their high content of zinc and vitamin E is what gives them their place on this list.

7. Soy
The most important soy component in the aphrodisiac theme are isoflavones, which mainly help to improve the symptoms of menopause, but also strengthen sexual desire at that stage, where it can sometimes decrease. As if that were not enough, it also improves skin elasticity and blood flow throughout the body.

8. Green tea
It has different functions, among which are protectors of the endothelium, which are the set of cells that line the blood vessels, and just like watermelon,improve circulation throughout the body.

9. Garlic

Garlic is high in vitamin B and C as well as plant-based protein. It is considered an aphrodisiac for its ability to heat the body, as well as because its regular consumption helps blood flow as well as avoid cholesterol that can clog the arteries, and therefore allows blood to circulate correctly both throughout the body and through the genital area.