There are several Spanish neighborhoods where it is better to exercise extreme caution and tread carefully . And the fact is that there are areas in which drug crimes and the marginal situation are a constant. These neighborhoods are usually made up of abandoned or semi-ruined houses that are later occupied by families with few resources and that are usually isolated from the center of the cities.
Here we bring you a list of the 10 most dangerous neighborhoods in Spain , those that it is better not to visit or at least, if you do, you know where you are going. 1. The 3,000 homes This Sevillian neighborhood is known precisely for its conflict.

Since its construction, it has been considered an unsafe area due to the large slum population that inhabits it. The apartments do not have basic services, since, for example, cleaning workers or telephone installers do not dare to enter if they do not have police protection.
In the 3,000 houses , the sale of drugs , aggressions, shootings between gangs and the deaths of people of all ages are common . Other similar neighborhoods in the Andalusian capital are El Vacie, a slum settlement, and Los Pajaritos.

2. El Cabanyal
This old fishing neighborhood located in the city of Valencia was occupied years ago by groups ofpeople coming from the relocation of the shacks. In recent times it has jumped into the media for the illegal occupation of homes . Despite this, evictions are very few due to difficulties in obtaining court orders.
The area extends from Calle San Pedro and includes 56 public and 31 private homes. In addition , drug dealing and the presence of the police dismantling family clans dedicated to this business are frequent .

3. Las Barranquillas
This is an undeveloped slum town in Vallecas, located southeast of Madrid, very close to Valdemingomez. It was known for a long time as the largest drug market in Europe. Although in recent years many drug addicts have moved to other places such as Valdemingomez and the surroundings of the Royal Canada.

Police work in this neighborhood is always very complicated . The houses are totally isolated and there are even some that are underground. For this reason, the raids do not turn out to be very effective, since the residents of the neighborhood hide the drug before the agents arrive.
Few dare to approach this area inhabited mostly by gypsy people. And it is that in Barranquillas the danger index is very high.

4. Son Banya and Son Gotleu
These two Spanish neighborhoods are located in Palma de Mallorca. Son Banya is considered asa gypsy settlement and is located far from the city center.
For its part, Son Goteu is a neighborhood that is constantly deteriorating . The buildings and squares suffer from a very notable deterioration, due in part to the incivility of their neighbors. In this case, the population is mostly migrant , mainly of African origin -especially Senegalese and Nigerian- and of Arab origin.

5. Lo Campano
Located in Cartagena, this neighborhood is in a highly polluted area, as it is surrounded by industries. In addition, it is very far from the urban area and is very poorly communicated.

The upkeep of the houses is poor.due to age and progressive degradation. 70% of its inhabitants are unemployed and many minors do not go to school. For this reason , illiteracy in Lo Campano is very high .
The main business of the neighborhood involves drug trafficking and is considered one of the largest drug markets in all of Levante. Violence and gang fighting is common .

6. Valdemingomez
This area of ​​Canada Real has become one of the largest drug markets in Madrid and in all of Spain . Located on the outskirts of the Spanish capital, it isthe largest cemetery of stolen cars in the region.
The standard of living is very low and the houses are made up of half-ruined shacks. Arms trafficking is also common , so violence in the area is extremely high.

7. La Mina
This Barcelona neighborhood belongs to Sant Adria del Besos. It is made up of twenty blocks of between 5 and 12 floors and, despite the enormous improvements in urban planning, it continues to suffer from great marginalization .
In recent years and thanks to several police raids, the area has been somewhat controlled, although violent gangs and clans continue to inhabit it, preventing the opening of new businesses or the carrying out of works.

Unemployment and absenteeism from work are another of the disastrous characteristics of this neighborhood, where a few years ago shootings, drug dealing and extortion were common.

8. La Palma and La Palmilla
These neighborhoods are part of a district with the same name located in Malaga. It is one of the most disadvantaged places in the entire Andalusian city and suffers from serious problems of social exclusion and crime.
At present , the urban deterioration is considerable and it stands out for its proximity to the Virreinas area, recently built and with many parks.
Most ofits inhabitants are of gypsy ethnicity and are dedicated to drugs and delinquency . At nightfall, few dare to approach, as fights between drug addicts are frequent .

9. El Principe
This well-known neighborhood of Ceuta, one of the most populous in the city with 12,000 registered residents , was portrayed in the Antena 3 series with the same name. Thisinhabited by a large number of cells for capturing radical jihadists who are sent to Syria or Iraq.
Coexistence between clans often results in crime, shootouts, and extortion . In spite of that, it is a place very controlled by the police, who try to dismantle all the cells that are being created.

Unemployment plagues its inhabitants as well as the lack of training of young people who end up dedicating themselves to drugs and crime.

10. Virgen del Carmen
This neighborhood is known as the one with 1000 homes and is basically inhabited by immigrants. Precariousness , poverty and marginalityThey are the daily bread, which has made this neighborhood of Alicante one of the biggest crime hotspots.

The state of the houses is deplorable despite the fact that they have been rehabilitated on several occasions. Some 5,000 people currently live there, most of whom do not work. Drugs are very common in the area and the surrounding residents complain about the constant presence of drug addicts and the constant robberies.