The news that reaches us through the media raises a huge number of issues to discuss, as many as events happen in the world, practically. For this reason , we offer a list with some of the most interesting discussion topics that are worth digressing about in depth and sharing all possible points of view.

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20 topics to expose and debate
There are subjects that bring with them complex questions that must be analyzed calmly, due to the dilemmas that they entail and the repercussions that addressing them in one way or another would have. 1. Abortion
‘Interruption of pregnancy’ for some and for others, directly, ‘murder’. To speak of abortion is to confront positions where the interest of the mother prevails on the one hand, against the morality of the pro-lifers , for whom the fetus is a human being in creation that suffers and deserves to be brought into the world.
The psychological consequences of this practice on the mother, until what month it is convenient to do it, the influence of the Church in this regard, the decriminalization in countries where it is prohibited, who has decision-making capacity or the opposition of some doctors to carry out this intervention, are some of the aspects that can be unraveled from one of the topics of debate that is giving the public opinion the most to talk about. 2. Religion and science
If we talk about the role of religion and science in today’s world, it is clear that we will hear different arguments about what is the function and contributions of each one, according to the beliefs of each individual.
The duo of religion and science has been at odds for centuries, trying to give its own explanation to the phenomena that occur in the world andgenerating disputes between the people of faith and those of knowledge . Beyond discussing the creation of the world, we could also talk about the extent to which science responds to our history as a species or what role religion has in schools, among other issues. 3. The meaning of life
Why have we been brought into the world?
For many people, the answer is obvious and there can be no other: to perpetuate our lineage and ensure our future. However, more and more voices are emerging that question this point of view and question whether the human being does not have motivations that transcend reproduction and that reinforce the biological argument.
At a time when the overpopulation of the Earth is destroying natural resources by leaps and bounds, generating more pollution and annihilating animal species, is it necessary to have children or does it respond rather to the hedonistic whim of those who do not want to realize that, perpetuating With this system, our hours are numbered . Are we human beings zombies programmed with a single purpose ? What influence does the environment exert when making this type of decision ? 4. Euthanasia
Having the power to choose a dignified death represents one of the great topics to discuss to present in any philosophy or psychology class. What happens to the terminally ill sentenced to suffer until the last moment?What about those who will spend the rest of their days prostrate in a chair unable to move
? Again, does the Catholic Church have the power to decide on this type of matter ? 5. Is it necessary to recycle
? to the animals that ingest the microparticles in which they decompose and, therefore, also ending up in our digestive tract, do not seem to be a sufficient argument for the detractors of recycling. According to these people, it is all pure social alarmism and generalized panic moved by superior interests, since the Earth has the capacity to heal itself.
Be that as it may, are we sufficiently aware of the planetOr do we continue to think that we are not integrated into the chain and that we are immune
to what affects the ecosystem ? crimes , while in other places the possibility of a less severe and more exemplary punishment, such as life imprisonment, is contemplated.
Is it an exemplary punishment
? Are there 100% guarantees that a guilty person is being sentenced
? What use can it be for the relatives of a deceased person to execute their executioner ? 7. Scope of technology
Does technology emerge to save us and make our lives more comfortable, or will it be the reason for our fall
‘What fall
‘, a part of the population will think.
In this age where everything is controlled by machines, in a click-driven world where we feel lost and aimless every time our computers crash, to suggest that technology is taking up too much of our lives and that this dependency can spell our doom in the event of a possible widespread blackout, it’s a great analysis proposal. 8. Freedom of expression
Among the topics of debate that raise blisters, this is surely one of the most talked about. The single thought is imposing itself on public opinion, silencing and stigmatizing any vision that departs from an imposed line of thought., thanks in part to the media and, ultimately, to the political elites, who are the ones who define the direction in which the audience should go.
Is there freedom of expression
? Anything goes when it comes to giving an opinion on certain sensitive issues or can only our considerations go one way to reach a single conclusion?
Our answer is clear, that is why we cannot express it openly. 9. Climate change
Invention of the media to create panic throughout the world or a proven phenomenon that harms the planet
Climate change is another of the great and most controversial debates of the new century, although it seems that it has lost a little more steam in recent years (perhaps a sign that we are on the right track
From deliberating on whether its existence is real or not, the repercussions it would have on the environment and on humanity, including the consequences for future generations, going through what would be the ideal measures to combat it; These are some of the aspects that give the most to talk about. 10. Importance of the physical
While there are still sectors in which a more attractive person with a more sculpted body or adjusted to the more “normalized” beauty canons is valued; Another current arises that tries to overthrow these cataloged patterns of outdated and unrealistic.
Within the relevance of the physical in everyday life, we could also suggest more topics to expose clearly or with friends, such as prejudices about people with tattoos or piercings , in addition to reviewing the beauty patterns that prevail and that have penetrated deep in the collective unconscious as the model to imitate, as well as its effects on the younger generations. 11. Legalization of drugs There are supporters who argue that these substances should be legalizedso that its consumption generated taxes as another of the sources of income of a country. Those in favor add that, to the economic repercussions that such a measure would have, it would be necessary to add greater control in the hygienic conditions of consumers and the decrease in the spread of consumption-related diseases.
However, the human being has already shown on several occasions that he does not know the measure with what he touches and that he is incapable of not abusing if he has the opportunity. Would it be ethical to make soft and hard drugs available to society alike, knowing the damage they cause
? What consequences would there be for public health? 12. Illegal immigration
It is one of the topics of debate for young people and adults that in recent months has come to the fore more in any conversation and that arouses all kinds of considerations. Despite this, as is often the case, many are silenced because they are considered unpopular when asked to assess all the consequences that this phenomenon brings with it for the receiving country and its inhabitants, beyond humanitarian reasons. What to do with the massive flows that arrive from impoverished countries, why they originate or what interests may lie behind the apparent altruism that advocates the reception of these people, are some of the questions that arouse the most interest. 13. Live to work or work to live
It is undoubtedly one of the vital questions that appears recurrently and that, like the squaring of the circle, seems doomed to not being able to be answered .
We find opposite positions. There are those who postulate that we are part of a system based on hard work that provides a level of well-being and privileges that have taken decades to establish. But for others, work represents a means of sustenance for the individual so that he can fully develop in other facets of life. And you, what group are you in? 14. Do we live in a patriarchy?
This concept, on which the third wave of feminism is based, according to its supporters, justifies thein search of an equality that never comes. Although it is intended to go through an unquestionable taboo subject, there are those who doubt that such a thing as patriarchy exists, even at the risk of being branded as guess what.
Is this omnipotent entity, manifested in various ways to oppress women and relegate them to the background in order to maintain a power structure whose pinnacle is man, real
? Or is the use of the term “patriarchy” a wild card under the one that hides behind an ideology that tries to punish today’s men for the (real) subjugation that women suffered in the past 15. What is the best form of government
Much has been written, spoken and discussed aboutWhat system of government is the one that guarantees the achievement of a better welfare state , if the people should be governed?
Communism, fascism, anarchism, monarchy, republic, federalism or the much questioned democracy… Sociologists and political scientists enjoy topics like this to the fullest, which allows exposing the pros and cons of each system, in search of the one with the least flaws present. 16. New types of couples
With the elimination of taboos regarding sex and ways of experiencing people’s sexuality, all those dogmas about couples and love are being knocked down. Increasingly, other ways of understanding love and sex are spreading, far from the social imposition of the traditional couple. On the other hand, there is a commitment to free love and sex, as demonstrated by liberal, open, polyamorous couples… A form of perversion or liberation?

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17. Traditional medicine and alternative methods
Another controversial topic of debate that would do well for its own article. Have we become puppets of pharmaceutical companies that have us unnecessarily overmedicated ? Are vaccines of any use or are they a form of population control
? Would it improve our health if we opposed certain treatments to cure the most serious diseases
? patrana
The season opens. 18. Animal testing
To those most aware of animal suffering, it seems essential to guarantee the rights of these creatures and ensure that they do not suffer unnecessarily due to the action of man, something that at this point seems very impossible, but let it go unsaid. Talking about experimentation with animals means being able to give an opinion on whether it is ethical to test cosmetic and pharmaceutical products on mice, pigs or monkeys (for example); and whether, for the good of our species, it is justifiable that they suffer the consequences of developing products (malformations, cancers or death). This sensitive issue is not just that, it could also be transferred to the living conditions in slaughterhouses and breeding farms , something that many associations have been denouncing for years.19. Free will We can get philosophical and take out the horn-rimmed glasses to expose topics of some depth like this. What is free will: an unattainable illusion to make us believe that our choices are not predetermined or precisely what makes us human and allows us to live the life we ​​want 20. Respect for authority
Wearing a uniform no longer gives one the respect that was previously granted. Why is this happening? Increasingly, the actions of the security forces are questionedwhen they intervene and it is suggested that their actions are disproportionate in the use of force. Some people even stand up to law enforcement when they believe they are being treated unfairly. who is overstepping

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