Sun, heat and many new loves for this summer . Many news among the VIP couples of our house! There are those who have left an old love behind and finally found a new one to be happy with and those who just don’t think about breaking up and continue their love story .

There have been many indiscretions in this hot summer and there have been many “stolen” photographs that portray famous people in very tender attitudes with their sweet destinations!

For some, the “new” love is a heated soup but still a great soup, for others, love continues to swell with no shadows on the horizon, despite rumors of alleged crises .

Beautiful, rich, famous and in love. It seems that this summer has given many famous couples, old and new, happy holidays full of joy and sweet effusions , of course, paparazzi . Are you curious to know which are the most photographed couples of Italian celebrities this season?

9) Christian Vieri and Costanza Caracciolo

Summer is a perfect time to fall in love. In fact, Bobo Vieri wasted no time and got engaged again. After having definitively archived his love story with the beautiful American model Jazzma Kendrick , he seems to have fallen into the arms of a former Velina . This time the lucky and blonde Costanza Caracciolo. The two would have been a couple for just over a month but the former Italian football bomber has already confided to friends that he is really very much in love with the fascinating Sicilian showgirl. The tender kisses between the two on vacation together also confirm the rumors. A beautiful story between Vieri and Caracciolo who continues to flourish, even if Costanza, unfortunately, recently lost the child she was expecting from her partner.

8) Ambra Angiolini and Massimiliano Allegri

It really seems that the former prodigy girl of Non and Rai has finally forgotten her old love. In fact, Ambra Angiolini , after the suffering caused by her break with Francesco Renga , at the beginning of summer was photographed smiling again in the arms of Massimiliano Allegri and recently walking hand in hand together. Even if the summer is now at an end, between the two it seems that it is not just a summer love and that there are the foundations for a beautiful and long love story.

7) Eleonora Pedron and Tommy Vee

After the break with the pilot Max Biagi , father of her two children, Eleonara Pedron seems to have found serenity thanks to a former competitor of Big Brother: the DJ Tommy Vee . The presenter would have fallen in love with her current partner during a holiday in Ibiza. Both confirmed that there is complicity and a lot of harmony between them.

6) Aurora Ramazzoti and Goffredo Cerza

The two tender and young boyfriends have now been a steady couple since January and have been one of the most photographed couples followed by the gossip of the summer. Between Aurora Ramazzotti , VIP daughter, and the young engineering student, Goffredo Cerza , there is no shortage of sweet kisses and lots of joy, as shown by the videos they share on social networks. The young man seems to be the right one!

5) Filippo Inzaghi and Alessia Ventura

Story over between Inzaghi and Ventura ? Apparently not. They broke up after three years of relationship in 2011 but it seems that now the spark of love has broken out again. The evidence? Filippo and Alessia celebrated his birthday together and photographed each other smiling and happy during the dinner in Venice.

4) Stefano De Martino and Gilda Ambrosio

After the end of the story with his ex-wife Belen Rodriguez , the dancer Stefano De Martino has not allowed himself many romantic relationships. This time, however, he was pinched first, on vacation and then, in the streets of Milan in sweet company. The lucky and famous fashion blogger Gilda Ambrosio who, with her original looks, will have enchanted the dancer.

3) Eva Grimaldi and Imma Battaglia

After 7 long years of love kept well hidden from the whole world, recently, the actress Eva Grimaldi has finally told of being in love with a woman and living a beautiful love story with her partner Imma Battaglia . They do not think about marriage yet but in life never say never!

2) Andrea Preti and Claudia Gerini

The beautiful model and former castaway of L’Isola dei Famosi has made actress Claudia Gerini lose her head . The latter, after the end of the relationship with Federico Zampagliene , the father of her daughter Linda , has found her serenity thanks to Andrea Preti . In fact, a few months ago, they even formalized their relationship and would be close to coexistence.

1) Vittorio Brulotti and Giorgia Palmas

Vittorio Brulotti and Giorgia Palmas have been a steady couple since 2012 and it seemed that nothing could separate them. After the rumors about a crisis in the couple, their story seems to have come to an end. After spending a summer together, the sportsman and the presenter would have left.