For many years the autograph was the only way to immortalize the encounter with one’s idol. Thanks to technology, even this beautiful habit has almost vanished and selfies have come to supplant it .

To date, admirers from all over the world are no longer satisfied with shaking hands or receiving a signed dedication, now the object of desire is exclusively a self- timer that demonstrates direct contact with the star in question.

Not all VIPs are so willing to pose among their fans. For privacy reasons , many celebrities reject selfies, sparking quite a bit of controversy. Should they be more available or is it correct to keep the distance from mere mortals?

Many Hollywood stars who refused to be portrayed with admirers, perhaps out of fear of an embarrassing selfie, turned out to be a bit snobbish but explained the reason for their dissent in several statements.

10) Emma Watson

Emma Watson , the young British actress who owes her worldwide success to the character Hermione, and among the VIPs who do not like to be portrayed in photos with their fans. Emma, ​​in her statements explains that her main reason is not to reveal her movements outside the spotlight of show business, preferring to talk to her admirers about her rather than being photographed in their company. In fact, she declared in an interview: « For me it is the watershed between being able to have a life and not having it. If someone takes a selfie with me and publishes it, after two seconds everyone knows where I am and what I’m doing… I can’t accept this . “

9) Justin Bieber

The young Canadian pop singer is one of the stars who is a bit snobbish by not allowing himself to be photographed with his fans. Justin Bieber , on December 31, 2016, published a long statement through a post on the social network Facebook . In the statement of the young star one can read the intention to never pose again in a photo with the admirers. His words to the fans are truly disarming: ” I’m done with selfies .”


8) Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is currently one of Hollywood’s highest paid and most loved stars. Despite the great affection of her reserved for her by her fans, she too is convinced to do away with her selfies that immortalize her with admirers. In this way she Jennifer Lawrence says she is able to better guard her intimacy and her life, declaring: « I protect my living space. It took me a long time to learn how to do it . ‘

7) Jennifer Aniston

Brad Pitt’s ex-wife Jennifer Aniston is also among the circle of those who reject selfies with admirers. In fact, she recently said she doesn’t particularly like self -portraits with fans. In an interview with the Daily Mirror , the actress explained her dislike of her with these words: « I honestly don’t understand them. There are too many on the net. It is better not to add others ».

6) Miley Cyrus

It’s hard to believe that for singer and actress Miley Cyrus it’s a matter of shyness why she doesn’t like self-portraits with fans. But this is what the pop star said to get a perfect selfie: « I’m always embarrassed in front of my fans’ smartphones. It is the truth. Sometimes I stick out my tongue, because I don’t know what else to do ».


5) Ian Somerhalder

Charming American actor and model Ian Somerhalder even made one of his fans cry . In fact, in 2015, Ian did not allow himself to be portrayed in a selfie with the admirer and the latter burst into tears. The actor later explained to the audience: « I will not take selfies with you. You are magnificent, but please, leave me alone . ‘


4) Amy Poehler

Actress Amy Poehler , despite detesting social networks and selfies , due to her work is also forced to have a “virtual” existence. Amy, however, stated that she does not like to pose in photos with admirers because: « The amount of selfies on Instagram has reached astronomical numbers. I hate looking at my pictures on the web ».

3) Kirsten Dunst

In 2014, Kirsten Dunst shared a video on her YouTube profile in which she explained very well how much she hates being photographed with her fans. In her footage , the actress teases two admirers who want to have a self-portrait with her so badly that they forget she exists.

2) Lorde

The young New Zealander Lorde wrote in a post on Twitter her disappointment with the photos with the fans. The 20-year-old singer said that her selfies with her admirers are incomprehensible to her : « I understand that they want to have a photo of the stars. But the self-timer is really something unacceptable ».

1) Benedict Cumberbatch

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch , in 2015, declared his opposition to self -portraits with admirers in an interview with the Evening Standard : « Selfies are a tragic waste. Guys, do something more interesting!