Cropped pullover: what they are

Cropped pullovers are handmade wool sweaters . They are called crops because they are short and show the belly and navel .

The cropped pullover thus becomes a garment to enhance the shapes of the woman and to give a sexy touch to the outfit, if combined in the right way.

The trendy colors are pastel, but with the 2021 cropped pullovers you can play with more colors.

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Cropped pullover: how to combine them

The cropped pullover was born in the nineties , when there is a need to combine a sweater with low-waisted trousers. Born to enhance the navel, perhaps with a piercing, thin and short women used it a lot, to get slender. The advice is still valid today, because if there are extra kilos they can all be seen with this model.

Hipsters matched these short pullovers in the 90s, but not 2021! Vintage but not too much, today the perfect match with high-waisted trousers

To give elegance to everyone and avoid the “tummy” effect, today we use the containment underwear and pants that slims, thanks to the high waist, partially covering the abdomen.

This also solves one of the “pitfalls” of this type of pullover: the cold. Thus, the belly is uncovered, but it is not cold with the day outfit. For the short sweater, other combinations are high-waisted skirts.

Using materials such as cotton, outfits are created with this garment also  for sport . The combination with sports trousers makes the outfit slightly transgressive and gives the idea of ​​a strong and fit woman.

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Cropped pullovers: how to wear them

To wear cropped pullovers , pay close attention to how much skin you show. In 2021, the trends speak of sensual models that do not reveal the navel, but only a small layer of skin, for a see / do not see effect.

It all also depends on the occasion and the outfit. If it is sporty, it can be used more to show the fitness achieved. Instead, for the more casual and daywear models, you dare a little less, but you still get a unique and sophisticated effect.

The everyday look is completed with a long solid color cardigan and a pair of boots with very noticeable rubber soles. For the evening, you can show off a cropped pullover that also shows a top, perhaps animalier , underneath. In this case, the pullover must have the color of the rest of the outfit, while the top will have the task of enhancing it thanks to the contrast.

If animalier is not your favorite style, you can use a darker color than the outfit , not necessarily matched. On a white outfit, you could use a burgundy top and then combine it with a mini bag.

On a black outfit, on the other hand, you can use a pastel or white cropped pullover , to enhance it more and put it at the center of your outfit.

Source: Pinterest