Tomorrowland Rock in Rio more and more people brand them as populist and commercial
For this reason, if you are part of those people who are looking for something different, rare and eccentric, that delights your senses with new experiences and sensations, always accompanying everything with good music, this list of the weirdest and craziest music festivals in the world will give you hope and desire to travel .

The 5 weirdest festivals in the world
Next, we are going to see the 5 weirdest festivals in the world and the reasons why they deserve to appear on this list. Of course, there are other festivals that are almost or just as rare, butWe have chosen to choose festivals that bet on extravagance in different or even opposite ways , to such an extent that in one you can die frozen and in another burned.

5. The Secret Garden Party
This, to say the least, peculiar music festival (from now on SGP) is located in Abbots Ripton, England. The SGP began in 2004, and from the beginning, it has opted for a dreamy aesthetic , full of colors and a world of fantasy, ideal to escape from the urban and gray environments to which we are accustomed. In fact, it is considered a “music and art” festival .

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Specifically, this fantasy world focuses mainly on the life of the circus. It has activities that we all know but extremely rare for a festival. Among the infinite offer, we find construction with Legos, paint wars, battles in the mud (with or without clothes) , relaxing canoe ride, costume contests, extravagant makeup area, baths in the natural lake, areas where you can go naked. , etc.
The festival is suitable for all ages , since in fact, it has activities for children, youth and adults; as well as specific areas for each of them.
Since its launch, a large number of deejays, singers and groups have attended, among which we can find:Dj Shadow, Rae Morris, Dua Lipa, Faithless and Gorillaz, for example.
As if that were not enough, on the last day the music is usually accompanied by an incredible painting battle (in the purest Happy Holi style) and at night, the long-awaited Great Bonfire of the festival and subsequent fireworks. This bonfire, which may remind the Fallas of Valencia, has an interesting difference with the latter: festival goers are allowed to throw whatever they want into the bonfire to watch it burn .
Unfortunately, recently it was announced that this 2017 would be its last year because many people went for fashion or curiosity , reaching the festival overcrowding preventing true lovers of this ideal from enjoying.
The baths in the lakes and the few clothes characterize the Secret Garden Party | TSGP
Light and sound in style. | TSGP

4. Igloofest
This music festival is held in Montreal (Canada). Festivals are usually held in the best months of the year in terms of temperature, for comfort and to attract tourists. Well, Igloogest works just the other way around , and this is why it should appear on our list.
Located specifically in the Old Port of Montreal, this festival is capable of gathering thousands of people in the months of January and February (dates on which it is usually celebrated) in one of the coldest countries in the world. Reaching temperatures between -5 ºC and -20 ºC, dancing is surely the only way to survive this festival.
It has ice decorations, structures worthy of the world’s great festivals, international DJs and a winter fashion and clothing competition called Iglooswag .
Although we do not recommend drinking alcohol because, despite what is popularly believed, it reduces body temperature and facilitates hypothermia, it will be difficult to resist the temptation to order a beer that will always be cold in your hand.
The number of attendees has not stopped increasing thanks to the variety of activities and quality (not warmth) of the environment that is offered. | Igloofest
Ice slides and many other constructions of various sizes can be found throughout the venue. | igloofest

3. Meadows in the Mountains
This festival located in the Rhodope Mountains, 850 meters above sea level , in Bulgaria, is surely one of the festivals that best combine music with spirituality and nature.
We can consider the Meadows in the Mountains (MITM) as a hippie festival that, although it uses music to accompany the wide range of possible activities, completely skips all conventions, rejecting commercial music .
Just to get to the festival requires significant patience, since it is necessary to go up by truck for 4 hours to reach the location between the mountains. But the arrival will be worth it, because theLodging is in beautiful and cozy rustic-style cabins .
It has meditation activities on top of the mountains, live music (of course) indie style, techno, house, funk, folk (these last two more during the day), yoga classes and hula-hoops. Likewise, there are also significant amounts of craft beer, being the activity par excellence to enjoy the impressive sunsets from the top of the mountain range .

The impressive views from which the mountain ranges can be seen offer a real visual spectacle. | Meadows in the Mountains

2. Electric Forest Festival
The Electric Forest Festival is an 8-day festival designed to enjoy the best music of all genres.focusing on electronica, jam bands and rock bands. Located in Michigan, at the Double JJ Resort, this place has a large room of heated pools and slides with a touch of the old west all year round.
But the Electric Forest Festival does not happen there exactly, but as its name suggests, in the Rothbury forest, located near the resort. What is truly special about this festival is the forest/night aesthetic where everything around is illuminated with multicolored light. There is nothing similar to this audiovisual spectacle in the middle of nature .
The EFF is, like The Secret Garden Party, a music and arts festival in general, where the different activities and stages that compose it are distributed throughout the forest in the middle of the night, without any type of signage, which will make the experience even more unpredictable and spontaneous .
Artists of the stature of Major Lazer, Diplo, Duke Dumont, Fetty Wap, Zomboy, Oliver Heldens , among others, come ready to enjoy and enjoy in equal parts. It began in 2008 and in 2015 it was estimated that 45,000 people attended, with the demand for assistance increasing.
The forest becomes an authentic dream image full of light and sound. | Electric Forest Festival

1. Burning Man
As expected, in the number one spot we find the unique Burning Man. With a duration of 7 days and its location in the Nevada desert (we assume that to reduce damage in case of accidents) it is the most bizarre music festival in the world .
The goal of the people who come is not just to have a good time, but to create a quirky city called Black Rock City, filled with just as quirky people . To prove it, the burners (as the veterans call themselves) are capable of performing almost any type of activity you can imagine.
This strange city has its own economic system, based on barter and gifts. That is, money has no value. Therefore, if you want to go, you better bring everything you need to be able to exchange it with other people.
There is no type of building, since the festival is obviously in the middle of the desert. So you must take your “home” with you, either in the form of a caravan or any option that comes to mind.
Finally and to warn anyone who wants to go, when you buy the “entrance” ticket, you must sign that if something happens to you or you even die, it is at your own risk . In any case, and knowing the number of things that this festival offers, it is a more than acceptable risk.
The number of people and their preparation to attend this musical, artistic and cultural event exceeds what has ever been seen. | Burning Man