Hercule Poirot was one of the great detectives of literature thanks to the creative hand of the great writer Agatha Christie, one of the best in the field of detective novels that have been written even in our times. The ease with which Agatha Christie made us get into a case of this detective was something that is missing in many of the current novels, achieving that in a few pages, since her books did not usually exceed 300 pages, we get hooked on such that it was impossible to put the book down until detective Hercule Poirot discovered who the murderer had been.

Although the character of Hercule Poirot arises from the union of two fictitious detectives of that time, their names being, on the one hand, Hercule Popeau, from whom he receives his own name, while the second, Monsieur Poiret, will receive his last name, although as you can see, with some change so that it was not exactly the same.  

The first appearance that this character makes in Agatha Christie’s literature is in the book entitled  The Mysterious Case of Styles. which had its publication in 1920, while the last appearance of this famous detective was in the novel Curtain, published just one year before the death of the writer. It can be said that, along with Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot is one of the most famous detectives that can be found in current literature and that there is no other who can equal him, along with Mr. Holmes. It is true that there are others of great renown, such as the one created by Edgar Allan Poe, Dupin, or even Stephen King has ventured to write detective novels with the Mr. Mercedes trilogy in which he tells the story of Bill Hodges, however , the vast majority of the current characters drink from the great fame that Hercules Poirot had in his time.

In most of the books he is described as a short person with an egg-shaped head and a well-identifiable mustache. Another of the data that is spoken of the  protagonist of Agatha Christie  is that he had a very neat way of dressing and was always organized and methodical in what he did, like, for example, that detective Sherlock Holmes was detected. In addition to this, he had a good repertoire of phrases that we have been discovering thanks to Doverty, in which he dazzled his gray cells that he mentioned so much in her stories.

Hercule Poirot Quotes

  • It is the brain, the little gray cells that one must rely on. One must seek the truth within, not without.
  • Ah, but life is like that! It does not allow you to organize and sort it however you want. It will not allow you to escape emotion, live on intellect and reason! You cannot say: “I will feel so much and nothing more”. Life, Mr. Welman, whatever it is, is not reasonable.
  • She could have trusted you. But Mademoiselle Katherine has spent much of her life listening, and those who have listened do not find it easy to speak; they keep their sorrows and joys and do not tell anyone.
  • I, Hercule Poirot, am not amused.
  • Hercule Poirot spread his hands in his strangest way.
  • Mr. van Aldin is an obstinate man,” said Poirot dryly. I don’t argue with stubborn men. I act despite them.
  • Hercule Poirot’s methods are his. Order and method, and ‘the little gray cells’.
  • If you have lost, you have lost.
  • It takes more than a print ad to keep you from reality… We only have one life to live.
  • We’ll sit here and drink coffee, and you three will listen to Hercule Poirot lecture you on crime.
  • Do you belong to the League of Nations? “I belong to the world, madame,” said Poirot dramatically.
  • Do you know how you sound? Mrs. Oliver said. ‘A computer. You know. You are programming yourself. That’s what they call it, right? I mean you’re feeding yourself all this stuff all day and then you’ll see what comes out.
  • If you’ll excuse me for being personal, I don’t like your face, Mr. Ratchett,” said Poirot.
  • For whom does a woman lie? Sometimes for herself, usually for the man she loves, always for her children.
  • So’, I said, partly to Magda, partly to myself, ‘Rema left Argentina with this person from An-a-to-le’. I adopted the four-syllable pronunciation confidently, feeling Hercule Poirot: he was near the end of the story, the suspects were in the room.
  • Old Francoise has the common idea regarding the English: that they are crazy and that they can do the most inexplicable things at any time.
  • It comforts me a little, but only a little,” said Poirot.
  • Ugly as sin, but it makes itself felt. Do you agree?
  • But then how do you know? Because I am Hercule Poirot! I don’t need you to tell me.