We are sure that if we ask you to think of a childhood movie, a title from the great Mickey Mouse factory will probably come to mind. But what would these mythical animated films be without their most evil antagonists? For this reason, we have designed a list of the worst Disney villains, those we remember most fondly and who terrified us as children.

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The 15 Worst Most Memorable Disney Villains
Let’s face it: Many of these Disney villains exude enormous charisma that makes it hard for us to hate them, despite their bad ideas!

15. Hades
He is the God of the Underworld, brother of the Almighty Zeus and uncle of the strong and handsome Hercules.
This Disney villain, as bad as he is smart, attests to his comical vibes with some of the most acidic and hilarious lines of dialogue .

14. Gaston
To be considered one of Disney’s worst villains, you don’t have to be a horrible creature with unlimited powers, you just have to be a handsome seducer and pretend to be the helpless protagonist.
This is the case of Gaston, the antagonist of Beauty and the Beast (1991), one of those Disney titles that reminds us that the worst monsters are inside us and cannot be seen with the naked eye.

13. Sid
When the toys first came to life, in this magnificent adventure from Pixar (not yet part of Disney), these peculiar characters had to avoid falling into the clutches of the fearsome Sid, the neighbor from the next house, whose main hobby was to torture and make other dolls explode .
It is true, there is no way to find the sweet spot for this Disney villain.

12. Scar
Who would have thought that a Shakespearean tragedy like Hamlet would have in The Lion King (1994) one of its best adaptations?
And it is that if we were moved by something, in addition to the story and the drama of Mufasa’s death , it was because of Scar, his treacherous uncle. Despite being a very bad guy capable of killing his own brother in order to usurp the royal throne, it is inevitable to gain some appreciation for him, especially after his musical number in the hyena graveyard.

11. Ursula
Our first Disney villain on the list is Ursula, the wicked sorceress of the seabed.
The mermaid Ariel comes to her, with the request that she grant her a pair of legs to be able to step on land and go next to hers, her beloved Eric of hers. However, her treacherous witch robs her of her sweet voice., in order to pass herself off as a beautiful human girl and marry the boy instead.

10. Stromboli
If we had a hard time with the wooden doll pretending to be a real boy, it was because of his naivety and the ease with which he was deceived, despite the efforts of the dedicated Jiminy Cricket to steer him on the right track.
When Pinocchio was kidnapped by the Fox Juan and the Cat Gideon, who sold him to the gypsy puppeteer Stromboli, a shiver ran through our body: Stromboli burned the puppets that no longer served him and tried to get rich using Pinocchio for his shows! ! Without a doubt, one of the most infamous Disney villains .

9. Maleficent
“Never forgetting a guest had been so expensive!” That is what the parents of little Aurora must have thought, when the infamous Maleficent condemned her to sleep for a hundred years, after pricking her finger with the spindle of a spinning wheel on her sixteenth birthday.
Living up to her name, Maleficent is one of those Disney witches with whom you best get along .

8. Shere Khan
Some of the funniest characters in Disney movies can be found in The Jungle Book (1967), the adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s story: Bagheera, the sensible panther, Baloo, the good-natured bear, Kaa, the sibylline snake, Mad King Louie or the happy-go-lucky vultures. But we can’t forget Shere Khan, the huge tiger that roams the jungle in search of the wild Mowgli.
We know that the intentions of this evil Disney villain are not good, but who does not remember him and his evil arts?

7. Cruella de Vil
We continue with another of the worst Disney villains, a lover of animal skins, whose name leaves no room for doubt about her evil : the unmistakable Cruella de Vil. This lousy baddie will have no qualms about kidnapping Roger and Anita’s puppies in order to make herself a spotted coat to show off.
Fortunately, the parents of the Dalmatians will not be alone, and will have all the help of their dog friends.

6. Jafar
We could not forget about Jafar, the dark vizier of the deluded sultan of Agrabah. Like any self-respecting Disney villain, this secret sorcerer tries to seize the enormous power that the magic lamp will give him once he possesses it. To do this, he will trick Aladdin into getting it for him.
After giving him up for dead by mistake, Aladdin returns to Agrabah turned into a prince thanks to the genie that lives in the artifact, with the intention of marrying Jazzmine.
However, Jafar has other plans for him.
“I think it’s time to say goodbye to Prince Abobo…”

5. The Queen of Hearts

Who says that even the most tyrannical characters can’t have hobbiesThe Queen of Hearts from psychedelic Wonderland has quite a few: playing croquet using flamingos and hedgehogs; but especially, cut off the heads of all who contradict it.
How close was Alicia to be caught!

4. Lady Tremaine
This name may not tell you anything by itself, but if we tell you that she is popularly known as “The Stepmother” , you will fall for it.
It was in Cinderella (1950) where we met one of the most unpleasant and unpleasant Disney villains, fame that she also achieved thanks to her insufferable daughters.

3. Captain Hook
Captain Hook, obsessed with catching Peter Pan and taking revenge for having lost a hand fighting him, isan example of tenacity and perseverance .
The paranoid captain arouses a certain sympathy and tenderness in us, especially every time the poor man hears a clock ring near him, believing that the crocodile that ripped off his hand is nearby. One of the (best) worst Disney villains of all time.

2. Queen Grimhilde
We don’t know if in today’s beauty contest, she would win Queen Grimhilde or Snow White.
What we do know is that when her magic mirror relegated her to second place after the young woman, she aroused the wrath of one of the worst Disney villains in our ranking. Let’s admit it: who doesn’t continue to terrify her every time we see her dressed as an old woman?
Snow White, the first Disney squat in memory, was lucky to have the help of the dwarfs.

1. Oogie-Boogie
In the musical movie The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) we have what we consider the best worst Disney villain : Oogie Boogie.
It is a chubby burlap sack, composed inside by thousands of bugs, and who is behind the nightmares of children around the world, the much feared “Boogeyman” (Boogeyman, in English).
Fond of gambling, he always carries his two loaded dice, with which he decides the fate of his victims. However, despite his ability to cheat, he doesn’t end up too well.
That if, Oogie-Boogie is quite a showman, very given to song and dance:

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