Indiana Jones fans are waiting for the fifth chapter of the saga, which should be released in 2022, again with the inevitable Harrison Ford. 

The actor, for decades identified with the most famous archaeologist in the world, despite his 78 years is ready to take on his shoes again. The news is that this will be the first chapter produced by Disney that has obtained the rights from Lucasfilm.

To fill the expectation of the fans the rumors that circulate uninterrupted about the project. One of which talks about a TV series that could be born as a spin off of the fifth episode. This could have Indy’s daughter as its protagonist.

No wonder, Indiana Jones is a character who goes beyond the world of his films and adventures on the big screen. The archaeologist is a stable figure in the collective imagination, and embodies the archetype of the courageous and fascinating explorer.

Who is the real Indiana Jones

Perhaps not everyone knows that Henry Walton Jones Jr. aka Indiana Jones is not an exclusively fictional character. It seems that this figure was inspired by a true explorer of English nationality, a certain Percy Harrison Fawcett.

Its story was told in a book, Z the Lost City by David Grann. A film was made from the book, 2016 Lost Civilization by director James Gray. The real explorer Percey Fawcett was born in 1867, and disappeared in 1925 during one of his expeditions to the Amazon. Man was just looking for a lost civilization . Some think this may have been the city of El Dorado.

Many think this is the man who inspired the real Indiana Jones. Whether this is true or not, the figure of the archaeologist on the big screen has itself become a source of inspiration.

Indiana’s children

The figure of Indiana Jones son of Professor Professor Sir. Henry Walton Jones played by a great Sean Connery inevitably influenced the explorers and adventurers who came after him. For example, the one played by Michael Douglas in In pursuit of the green stone

Or the Italian comic book character Topeka Smith evidently inspired by Indy . Lara Croft herself , archaeologist of the Tomb Rider videogame and of the film of the same name and a female and sexy version of it.

The list does not end there, among the children of Indiana we can count Rick O’Connell from the film series  The Mummy . The cartoon Juanito Jones , who also bears the surname of Indy . And the cryptologist Benjamin Gates aka Nicholas Cage in the film The Mystery of the Templars and its sequel.

The parodies of Indiana and other influences

Indiana Jones like all characters made immortal by cinema, has become the subject of parodies and quotes. For example, he appears in The Simpsons in the episode Raiders of the Lost Fridge , in Disney’s Paperinik and the Forgotten Ark parody . It is also part of the plot of an episode of The Big Bang Theory , and in the episode Indiana Shawn in search of the secret treasure of the TV series Psych.

The character and protagonist of the video game Indiana Jones and the infernal machine produced by LucasArts. Also clearly inspired by him the protagonist of a series of hugely popular slots. This is Book of Ra, a slot machine in which an archaeologist goes in search of a mysterious book. 

The Book of Ra series of slots is set among the pyramids, on reels revolve mysterious symbols inspired by ancient Egypt. The archaeologist goes in search of a mysterious book that has special powers. Book of Ra is an ever popular classic among slots players, and probably its success is due to its “Indian” inspiration.