The medical career is one of the most prestigious that can be studied, because it is one of those that requires more time and dedication for a profession related to this discipline.
Due to the interest it arouses, as well as the added possibility of studying at a foreign university , we have compiled a list of how many years the medical degree is in the main countries where Spanish is the official language.
You have to keep in mind how many years the Medicine degree lasts if you are thinking of moving to one of these countries. 1. Mexico
Medicine in Mexico usually lasts 6 years in universities located in the central areasand southerners of the country, a figure that can rise to 7 years in those located further north.
Both the Secretary of Public Education and the Secretary of Health are in charge of supervising the quality of the contents taught during the years that the course lasts. 2. Colombia
If you want to move to Colombia to study, you should know that the years it will take to get your Medicine degree range between 6 and 7 (approximately 12 or 14 semesters).
This discipline is divided into two cycles: the first, a Basic Cycle of 3 years; while the final period consists of the time of internships in different clinical and community settings. 3. Spain
In the Iberian country, the years that the Medicine course lasts are also extensive: 6 years of basic training , to which must be added 1 year as a resident medical intern (abbreviated, ‘MIR’, without counting the time that has been needed to oppose).
After passing this period, one receives the ‘General Physician’ graduate, so, in case you want to specialize in a specific discipline, another 4 or 5 will be required , depending on what it is or in which country you want to do it. 4. Argentina
The Medicine degree in Argentina lasts 6 years and is divided into 3 different cycles or periods: the biomedical, the clinical and the IAR (Annual Rotating Internship). 5. Venezuela
Regardless of whether you choose the University of Caracas, Barquisimeto, Maracay, Valencia, Merida, Tachira, Anzoategui, Ciudad Bolivar, Maracaibo or San Juan de los Moros; the average number of years of the Medicine degree is 6 , which can be extended up to 7. 6. Peru
In Peru, Medicine students spend between 7 and 8 years studying this degree . Once they graduate in general medicine, they have between 3 and 4 years to study the specialization of their choice (a total of 60).
Thus, a student who started at 18 would finish at 22. Afterwards, training in medical school would take him until he was 26, plus another 3 years training as a resident intern. 7. Chili7 are the years that the Bachelor of Medicine usually lasts in this country, either at the Catholic University, at the University of Santiago de Chile or at the University of Concepcion. 8. Ecuador
In Ecuador, aspiring doctors take approximately 5 and a half or 6 years to obtain their degree (11 to 12 semesters).
The Medicine degree in Ecuador is broken down as follows: three first years of basic training, a fourth year after which a stage of practice and applied knowledge is chosen, both within the laboratory and in the community. 9. Guatemala
The study plan of the Guatemalan country stipulates that future doctors must spend the first three years learning the basics of Basic Sciences, while the last three are those that cover the internship period in hospitals where there is an agreement. This makes a total of 6 years of Medicine career.
As a curiosity, it is mandatory for students to have a high command of English, something that they will have to certify with the TOEFL degree before their second year. 10. Cuba
On the island of Cuba, the number of years stipulated for Medicine is 6: the first five years of academic training and the last year of rotating internship.
Fortunately, all students go through 18 weeks of basic preparation prior to the start of the course, to ensure that they start at the same level. For those who do not speak Spanish, they have the possibility of attending an intensive course to become familiar with the language. 11. Bolivia
Depending on the chosen institution, in Bolivia a minimum of 6 years is required to obtain the title of General Medicine , to which one must then add another three or four years of study for the preferred specialization. 12. Dominican Republic Between 5 and a half and 6 years is the total number of years that the Medicine course lasts in the Dominican Republic.
Just like the Cubans, they add a stage called ‘Premedical’ prior to the start, on training in basic contents to ensure a more or less homogeneous level in all the students who start these studies. 13. Honduras
It will take a little more years for Honduran aspiring doctors to obtain their degree, since a total of 8 will be required for this , which includes a year in Social Service. 14. El Salvador 14 training cycles (or 7 years) and one year of Social Service, make a total of 8 years that those who want to be doctors will spend studying at a university in El Salvador. 15. Paraguay
In a university like the Polytechnic and Artistic University of Paraguay, Medicine is one of the longest careers, with6 years in total of study ; the last one dedicated to the period as a rotating doctor and a final degree project that does not come down from half a year.