Wearing the bra is an action we perform every day , as if it were an integral part of ourselves, a sort of second skin. Precisely because it usually accompanies us in almost every moment of our life , there are bras of every type, shape and color.

However, what all women have in common in the relationship with their bra is represented by some “problems” that this garment creates . On the one hand, bras can cause physical discomfort due to the fact that all bodies are different, but often brands make all bras the same. For example, how many of us have never had a too-loose bra strap falling off all the time? 

On the other hand, bras do not always fit all types of clothes and it is not so easy to do without them, both for reasons of comfort and aesthetics. However, every problem has a solution .

In this article, you will find 10 tricks that represent the simplest and most ingenious solutions to each of the most frequent problems that, although trivial in some ways, if solved, can improve every woman’s day:

1) Safety harness

To wear certain dresses that leave the shoulders bare, it is advisable to use a strapless bra. There is nothing more unsightly, on the other hand, than a beautiful ruined dress with a visible shoulder strap. However, if you fear that the bra may fall out and make you look bad in front of everyone, follow this advice: tie a strap around your bust . In this case, you won’t have to worry about anything and you can breathe a sigh of relief.

2) Give volume to clothes with an uncovered back

It can happen to everyone to buy a nice dress with an uncovered back, but then to realize that it does not fit so well on us because the pectoral area lacks volume . Sometimes small tricks are enough to completely change the situation and transform any dress into a dress that makes the difference. How to do? Just sew inside the front part of an old bra to immediately obtain a more harmonious effect.

3) Low-cut shirts

Do you have a nice low-cut t-shirt but don’t dare to wear it because you don’t want to leave your bra visible? You don’t have to give up the t-shirt, just give up the imperfections. How? Find an old blouse in your closet that you no longer wear. At this point, you can cut out a part of it and apply it over the neckline , joining it to the bra straps. You will feel like you have a new shirt and no one will notice the trick.

4) Wash the bra in the washing machine or by hand

Since washing in the washing machine can lead to a rapid deterioration of bras , it is advisable to purchase a good laundry bag to store them in or choose to wash them by hand. But, in the latter case, considering that it is still an undergarment, it is necessary to find a way to sanitize it that is not aggressive for the fabric.

How to wash your bra in the washing machine

To ensure that the bra does not get damaged by deforming or compromising the fabric, it is necessary to resort to some tricks. You can use a patented bag (like the one shown in the photo) made specifically to insert and protect the most delicate garments , which will keep in good condition for longer. But remember that the spin cycle must be banned for washing bras!

Hand wash

To ensure that the bra does not get damaged but is still perfectly sanitized, a solution can be to wash it by hand using bicarbonate , which has 2 advantages: on the one hand, it deodorizes the clothes, on the other it sanitizes them without being aggressive . Just dissolve 100 grams of baking soda in 2 liters of warm water and you’re done.

5) Put them in order

One way to keep tidy and most importantly, not ruin your bras inside the underwear drawer is to hang them in a row on a hanger . Line them all up and hang from the center. If, on the other hand, you have the possibility of more space, put on a crutch bra so they will remain truly perfect!

6) Secret bag

Here is the most ingenious trick on the list. If you don’t want to carry your purse or prefer to hide your money, or anything (small) you want without it, attach a small fabric pouch to your bra . It will be your super handy secret wallet to carry! When you want to avoid going out with your purse, you can use the bra as a hook to attach a small fabric bag, inside which to store your money and essential documents.

7) Goodbye, annoyance behind!

Even the straps of the bra can become highly annoying due to the weight of our breasts, or simply because of the fabric of which the straps are made. One solution may be to apply a patch, another solution may be to use a different type of bra instead.

The blister patch at the bra strap

Instead of enduring the pain like a martyr due to a shoulder pad that seems to almost “scratch” the skin, solve the situation like this: take a silicone patch , the one for blisters for example (an object that many always have in their bags!) And place it around the shoulder strap so that it protects your skin from rubbing with the fabric.

Bras that don’t bother your shoulders

Until recently, this type of bras were not very suitable for those with large breasts due to the fact that they seemed almost not to support the weight. We are talking about bandeau bras, the ideal solution for those who have problems with straps . They are increasingly designed to support abundant breasts, to the point that if until a decade ago those on the market were almost always useless, now they support more and more.

8) How to dry bras

Finally, to avoid that the suspenders are irreparably damaged and that you are forced to resort to various knots or tricks, a tip on how to hang wet bras. Never hung from above, that is, with the clothespins that pinch the braces. In this way, in fact, you will ruin the elastic . Better to use a hanger or use the center of the bra.


9) No more pain

How many times have you ever worn a bra that hurts right where the underwire is ? It forces you to spend the day trying to reduce the discomfort, causing nervousness and embarrassment. Well, when you just want to take off the bra to end this torture, take a panty liner,  cut it into strips like in the image, and stick the piece of panty liner in the area that cuts the skin. Immediate relief!

10) The shoulder straps and the horizontal band in view

We often have t-shirts, tops and dresses with particular cuts on the back or back that, once worn, do not hide the straps or, on the side, the horizontal band of the bra. But, let’s go in order.

Goodbye shoulder pads in sight

In the case of shoulder pads, it is really unsightly to see them pop out of a dress or top. Of course, it’s not something that contributes to the elegance of the outfit. The best way to solve the problem is very simple: if they are removable straps, just detach them on one side and cross them. Otherwise, they can be joined in the middle of the shoulder blades with a paper clip and the straps will disappear from sight!

Goodbye horizontal band in sight

But if the cut of your dress is really particular and perhaps ends up leaving the side of the bust uncovered, in the area immediately under the armpit , you can adopt this practical solution to not show the horizontal band. If you do not want to buy one of the bras on sale that use silicone to adhere completely to the skin and are already strapless and without a band, you can pin with a little needle and thread or simply insert a band of fabric of the same color as the dress or in lace so that not only you don’t see the bra but that it becomes a strategic part of your outfit.