Eating vegan: all the recipes that are good for our body

Tasty and imaginative dishes, natural and super organic foods, all kinds of legumes, fruit, vegetables, rice, oats and soy, all products rich in vitamins and minerals, essential for the well-being and energy needs of our body. Those who choose to eat vegan today constantly live with a very specific philosophy of life: to feed themselves, respecting the planet.

This lifestyle leads vegans not to consume food of animal origin and derivatives. Therefore, meat and fish dishes, but also dairy products, eggs, honey and all animal derivatives in general must be eliminated.

Eating vegan: the tastiest dishes and the most popular recipes

Depriving themselves of animal products and derivatives, one might think that the vegan style has an indisputably narrow list of foods compared to those who are used to not eating these dishes but it is not so.

Today vegan cuisine is one of the most loved, most followed and recommended, as it offers a wide range of tasty, as well as healthy dishes, flavors and recipes.

Away from the table meat, fish, eggs and dairy products, and space for fruit and vegetables, algae and legumes (chickpeas, beans, lentils), pasta and cereals, as well as more specific products such as tofu, tempeh, often considered as meat vegans , and soy .

Therefore, following a vegan diet does not mean giving up the pleasures of the table, but eating healthy and with taste.

Let’s see together the tastiest dishes of vegan cuisine:

  • Tofu ragu,  a typical vegan dish , easy, fast and tasty. Seasoned with vegan gnocchi, the tofu ragu really looks like a meat ragu , very soft, rich in vegetables and with a unique and irresistible flavor;
  • Bean burger,  a very tasty second course based on legumes, seasoned with chilli and garlic powder, basil and extra virgin olive oil;
  • Tempeh chips,  an original dish with an exotic taste that refreshes the palate, accompanied by cream of potatoes, asparagus and lime;
  • Polenta carpacciata with pomegranate, a radiant red color, this vegan second dish based on pomegranate and a unique refinement, ideal when you want to eat something tasty but light;
  • Rice, chickpea and vegetable salad,  a fresh and colorful dish, dressed with chickpeas, vegetables and mustard, perfect for a picnic with friends;
  • Crunchy and tasty strips of lemon seitan  , seasoned with lemon, sesame seeds, rosemary and breadcrumbs, and of course seitan, a vegan food made from soft wheat gluten or spelled.

Eating vegan: the best desserts of vegan cuisine

Who said vegans eat without taste?

Well, let’s dispel this myth. Those who choose a vegan menu for their diet, or even those who follow a vegan diet, not only eat natural, organic and healthy food, but also super tasty. In addition to vegan first and second courses, to complete a perfect vegan menu, sweets, cakes, biscuits, muffins and various treats cannot be missing.

Let’s see together which are the vegan desserts, absolutely to try:

  • Raw vegan chocolate, is one of the desserts or rather of the cakes of vegan cuisine . Delicious and inviting, raw vegan chocolate is a raw chocolate delight and one of the richest and most substantial among the desserts of vegan cuisine;
  • Apple and quinoa pie, a traditional apple pie, made with wholemeal flour, quinoa and apples. Perfect for a snack or for breakfast in the morning, this dessert has a delicate and delicious flavor for the palate;
  • Vegan coconut-flavored muffins, a kind of soft coconut-flavored cakes, perfect for both breakfast and snack;
  • Vegan sacher cake, a chocolate-flavored delight, filled with apricot jam. A delicious cake, undoubtedly irresistible, especially for chocolate lovers!