The third child has recently arrived for William and Kate of England and the hunt for the first photo that portrays the little heir together with his older brothers has immediately begun. After all, the interest in the little principles was immediately taken and for all three each image immediately became viral.

From the moment they got married they decided to form a large and beautiful family and they did. In fact, after little George , who has enchanted everyone with his funny faces, the tender Charlotte has arrived and now also Louis but it is not said that the number does not go up yet.

Every important moment has been immortalized both by mother Kate , a splendid photographer , and by the lens professionals, always ready to grasp every grimace of those sweet little faces.

As soon as they are born, their first birthday, the first day of school, in this series of images , none of these moments are missing, and not even the first official photos of the newcomer.

Let’s find out together the photos of the most moving and beautiful Royal Babies:

1) The arrival of the firstborn: Prince George

It was July 22, 2013 when Kate and William left St Mary’s hospital in London with their first child. In the arms of her mother, radiant and happy more than ever, Prince George. George Alexander Louis of Cambridge and third in line of succession to the throne of the Commonwealth’s sixteen realms.

2) A perfect family

Kate and William, a month after the birth of their first child, Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, in August 2013, are tenderly portrayed together in the Middleton family garden in Berkshire. The little prince is still a tiny bundle wrapped in its white cover in the loving arms of his mother.

3) The first trips

In April 2014, George leaves with his parents for the first state trip to New Zealand. Subsequently it is the turn of Australia and Prince George, received with his parents by the Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove in Sidney, receives a really huge puppet as a gift and he immediately appreciates the giant gift.

4) George’s first steps

Little George grows up and like all children he begins to take his first steps with the precious help of his parents. In this photo you can see George, in June 2014, trying to take his first steps, helped by his mother Kate, while his father is intent on playing a game of polo .

5) The arrival of little Charlotte

On May 2, 2015 at 8.34 am Charlotte Elizabeth Diana was born . She too was born at St Mary’s Hospital and is the fourth in line to the throne. As for the first-born, the usual photo at the exit with the little princess born recently in her arms. Once again Kate, dressed in yellow, is gorgeous in front of photographers.

6) The official photographer: Kate

The official photographer of this wonderful shot from 2015 is mum Kate who immortalized Prince George of England’s brotherly kiss to her little sister, Princess Charlotte of England. The little prince, always very elegant, wore blue shorts for the occasion to match the shirt and socks. Flawless as always!

7) Charlotte’s baptism

In this photo, from July 2015, which will go down in history and portrays Prince George, in short and red trousers, as he peeks into his little sister Charlotte ‘s pram on the day of her baptism and while talking with her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, under the Watchful gaze of the Royal Family babysitter.

8) The first holiday in the snow

A truly beautiful and perfect family that portrayed in March 2016 . In fact, as you can see in the following photo, William and Kate of England, also splendid in ski gear, pose in love and happy with the princes George and Charlotte in their arms, for the first holiday in the snow all together.

9) George receives Obama in a bathrobe

It’s 2016 and it’s time for another truly memorable and fun photo. In fact, the shot that will go down in history and the one that portrays little Prince George , on April 22, who receives the then President Barack Obama with his parents and first lady Michelle in a white dressing gown at Kensington Palace .

10) Charlotte’s first birthday

For the first birthday of Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, in 2016 , the official photographer and always mother Kate . One day in advance, on May 1st, the social networks of the royal family are posting photos of the little girl who went viral within a few hours. The little princess is very sweet with a small blue bow in her still short hair.

11) George’s first day of kindergarten

January 6, 2016 , for prince George, is the first day of kindergarten at Westacre Montessori School, in Norfolk, near the country residence of the Dukes of Cambridge. The image, obviously created by Kate, goes around the world and immediately becomes viral: backpack on the shoulders and blue jacket, all in order for the little schoolboy.

12) In Canada all together

Also for the trip to Canada , made in September 2016, Prince George wears short pants, blue socks with a light blue sweater, coordinated with the rest of the family. For little Charlotte, the choice was a floral dress and the inevitable small bow, obviously blue, in her few hair.

13) The photo with the cousins ​​and the great-grandmother

This photo was taken in December 2016 and is a portrait of Elizabeth with her grandchildren . The photographer Annie Leibovitz, to keep her little girl, Mia Tindall, daughter of Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall, apparently gave her grandmother’s handbag in her hand, seizing the moment for the shot that went around the world .

14) George is bored

The Royal Family is full on June 17th 2017 for Her Majesty the Queen’s troop parade, Trooping The Color. June 17, 2017, in which Queen Elizabeth officially celebrated her 91 years. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves, but George , unable to hide his boredom , puts his hand to support his head with an expression of weariness.

15) Charlotte on her first day of school

On January 8th 2018 and for Charlotte, 2 years old, her first day of kindergarten in the exclusive Willcocks Nursery School in London and to photograph her and always mother Kate . As for the previous ones, this sweet shot also went viral in a few minutes. Full-time school for the princess costs £ 14,550 a year.

16) George’s sulking

Both of the following images were taken in July 2017. In the right one, a beautiful portrait of the whole family as soon as they arrived at the Warsaw Chopin airport. For little George long-sleeved shirt and, as always, shorts and in the image on the right you can see his disappointment of him.

17) The official photo for Christmas greetings

As a label it requires the usual photo for Christmas greetings. In the image below you can see the official shot of the 2017 Christmas wishes of William, Kate and the little George and Charlotte. The smile of the little princess at the photographer’s lens is very tender and even a little funny.

18) They scan the “world” together

Another really tender shot of Royal babies is the one that portrays George and Charlotte arriving from a plane trip. In fact, as can be seen in the following image, the princes, upon their landing in Warsaw, scrutinize the “world” from the windows , one next to the other. This photo was taken in spring 2018.

19) The arrival of the third child: Louis of Cambridge

At St Mary’s in Lindo Wing, the hospital’s private wing, Kate gave birth to her third child , a boy, at 11 am on 23 April 2018 , who becomes the fifth in the line of succession to the British throne. . Here he is portrayed for the first time in the arms of Kate, who is in better shape than ever.

20) Luois in the arms of his sister

After a long wait, here is the first official photo of the third child , after the one at the exit from the hospital, Louis of Cambridge . About 15 days after the birth of the third child, Kate Middleton and William of England have published the first portraits of the latest arrival on social networks. At the same time they also celebrated Charlotte, who turned 3 on May 2.