How many times, looking at an old photo, have we thought about the elegance of the women of the past. Backcombed hair, red lipstick and a line of eyeliner on the eyes: here is the 50s makeup perfect for any occasion, even the most elegant.

It takes very little to create a real diva make-up . The famous ladies of the small and big screen have already been carried away by this new trend, very refined and with a slightly retro flavor.

You will have to pay close attention, however, because transforming an elegant make-up into a carnival mask is a moment. So, before you go out, make up like a clown, do some tests.

Also pay attention to the complete look: clothes and makeup must appear coordinated . Changing your make-up style is really easy, but you’ll need to pay attention to these quick little tips to get a superb result.

5) Needed

As with any self-respecting make-up, we should have everything you need . So, before starting, check that you have at your disposal: a foundation , a fiery red lipstick , an eyeshadow in shades of brown, a pink blush , a black eyeliner and mascara . These are the essential tricks to be able to proceed with the new look. First, think about the complexion that must be perfect. Then, spread a knob of foundation on the face, possibly of a light shade, and fix the product with a veil of powder.. For a more covering effect, spread it with a sponge dabbing the product on the face. In this way the base will be completely homogeneous.

4) Color on the face

After spreading the foundation on the face, without forgetting to powder the neck as well , to prevent too much detachment from forming, you can proceed by giving a little color to the cheeks . The shade of the blush should be a pink tending to red . Thus the contrast with the porcelain-effect leather is accentuated even more. Apply a little blush on the cheeks, avoiding the cheekbones, this recreates the bonne mine effect typical of women of that era.

3) Refined look

After thinking about the face, let’s move on to eye makeup. In the 50s there were only opaque colors and basically on the color of brown, therefore, we will use only these shades. First, apply the light or chalk-colored eyeshadow on the movable lid up to below the crease of the eye. Then, with the help of a brush , start blending the brown eyeshadow towards the outside of the eye. To give more intensity to the look we can also make up the lower part of the eye with eyeshadow and blend a butter-colored or white pencil in the inner rim .

2) Precise strokes

At this point the make-up will be completed with the use of the eyeliner. If you are a beginner, better a stiff brush to outline the eye before joining the line. To get the upturned tail, typical of 50s make-up, never stretch your eye, on the contrary, keep the eyelid soft and draw a precise line that you will join with the line on the eye. In this way the final tail will follow the lash line making the look more intense. Mascara is essential to complete the eye make-up . Always choose an intense black and if you prefer, apply false eyelashes .

1) Lips to kiss

Irreplaceable and synonymous par excellence with femininity and red lipstick . Today on the market there are many formulas suitable for all lips and it will no longer be necessary to apply it several times during the day: the lacquers for the lips are practically unalterable. In order not to be mistaken, draw the outline with a pencil and then move on to applying the lipstick. In order not to use any extra product, spread the color with a brush . The result will be flawless and you will be a real diva .