There are now many VIPs who are reflected in the motto “ Long hair… don’t care! ”And who therefore decided to abandon razor and wax to let the hair grow freely . Enough with the clichés about unwanted hair, if there are any, why not show them or even be ashamed of what is natural for everyone.

Not only stars but also many normal women have joined the “full bush” and for which they claim the freedom not to shave , while feeling sexy and at ease. For example, in the 1950s, famous actresses did not like to shave their armpits but it was only in 1968 that the freedom not to shave became a real non- conformist gesture . Although someone criticizes them, attributing the choice to neglect or provocation, for many it is only the right to claim to be themselves , so natural.

Famous Italian women and the international scene, young and old, let’s discover together the VIPs who have abandoned the razor and waxing for a “full bush” look :

1) Sophia Loren

Nobody is scandalized when, in 1955 , the very young and already very famous Sophia Loren showed herself in public with natural hair under the armpits . Absolutely beautiful and at ease, those images remain the portrait of a bygone era, in which Loren and other colleagues of her contributed to breaking down the taboo of unwanted hair.

2) Julia Roberts

In the “full bush” version , the famous 1999 appearance of the girlfriend of America, Julia Roberts who, on the occasion of the premiere of the cult film Notting Hill , presented herself on the red carpet to fans wearing a tight, sleeveless red dress in which she showed, without any embarrassment, her unshaved armpits when she greeted the cheering audience.

3) Miley Cyrus

More recently, in 2015, Miley Cyrus showed up with unshaved armpits at the AMREF Inspiration Gala, for the charity event held at the Spring Studios in New York. In 2019, in response to provocations from haters who criticize her for her choice to grow underarm hair, she shared a series of photos in which she showed her underarm and pubic hair dyed pink.

4) Veronica Lucchesi

There are also local singers. In fact, in the 2021 edition of the Sanremo Festival, Veronica Lucchesi , born in 1987, the singer of the duo The Representative of Lista , as a gesture of rebellion against the aesthetic canons on female hair removal, and went on stage with the hairs of the armpits in view, colored fuchsia.

5) Alyssa Milano

The apparition with armpit hair that caused many to rise up on social media was that of the actress Milano , made up in a flashy way and wearing a red tank top, showed the armpit hair that is growing back and in the caption of Instagram she written ” Armpit hair, don’t care ” which means ” I don’t care about underarm hair and”.

6) Lourdes Maria Ciccone

As a mother Madonna , against all kinds of stereotypes also Lourdes Maria Ciccone , who in addition to posing for an advertising campaign with the skins in full view , at the Met Gala evening in 2021, showed herself to photographers with a very sexy outfit, which she revealed her armpits with visible hair.

7) Cara Delevingne

Also added to the list is the actress and super model Cara Delevingne . The young woman, in a post on her Instagram profile, in 2019, stated that after the laser she never expected to have hairy armpits again . Instead, in one of her selfies she proudly shows them and defines them as “ Armpit Wigs ”, that is armpit wigs .

8) Bella Thorne

Even Bella Thorne , the former Disney starlet, who went from TV series for children to directing red light films for adults, has shown herself again with long hair, in some videos and then in some shots posted on the Instagram profile to advertise the her line of Filty Fangs Bikini swimwear , in which she proudly shows off her natural underarms .

9) Laura Chiatti

Joining this movement of real liberation from hair removal joins Laura Chiatti who, on her Instagram profile, had posted some shots showing the regrowth of hair under the armpits . As you could imagine, these images caused many negative comments but there were many fans who appreciated the image of the actress in natural and in perfect harmony with herself.

10) Paola Maugeri

Paola Maugeri also took sides openly , who posted a photo with underarm hair on her Instagram profile with the comment: ” I like to imagine a world where a woman can be beautiful and sensual even in her most natural form … return to that culture of the late sixties in which we loved each other as we were and in which men and women tried to meet in the true freedom of being themselves !