Le donne stanno riuscendo a conquistare, un gradino alla volta, la propria emancipazione. Ce ne sono alcune che sognano di realizzarsi, di trovare la propria dimensione, magari lavorando sodo per la propria carriera o magari impegnandosi per vivere un grande amore o per avere dei figli.

Kate Middleton probabilmente sognava un grande amore: pensate che nel periodo in cui frequento il Marlborough College, le venne affibbiato il soprannome di Princess Waiting, proprio perche attendeva l’amore della sua vita senza perdere tempo in storie che non la convincevano.

Chissa se da ragazza avesse mai immaginato che un giorno sarebbe stata la Duchessa di Cambridge, insieme a suo marito, il Principe William.

E anche se, nella realta dei fatti, Kate Middleton ha origini nobili e non borghesi come tutti credono, la sua storia personale e lontanissima dagli stereotipi che di solito contraddistinguono le biografie dei membri piu ricchi della societa.

Quindi, chi e davvero Kate? Ecco 20 curiosita che non conoscete sulla Duchessa di Cambridge: 

1) William, grande amore

Iniziamo con il dire che l’amore per il suo sposo risalga ai 16 anni. Si dice che abbia attaccato un poster del suo futuro marito nella sua stanza del Marlborough college. Proprio in questi anni, come detto in precedenza, i suoi compagni la chiamavano Princess Waiting.. a quanto pare il sogno di essere una principessa lo aveva sin da giovanissima!

2) Il lavoro

Kate non ha avuto sempre il divieto di lavorare (come adesso, dove puo solo ed esclusivamente partecipare ad associazioni benefiche e accompagnare suo marito): ha lavorato per diverso tempo come commessa per Junior Jigsaw, famosa catena di abbigliamento. La catena e di proprieta di John e Belle Robinson, amici intimi della famiglia Middleton. Secondo alcune indiscrezioni, nei primi giorni di lavoro Kate ha aiutato a realizzare un servizio di moda in cui si e occupata del the e degli spuntini.

Kate Middleton commessa da Junior Jigsaw

3) L’amore per i viaggi

Before enrolling at the university he traveled the world, stopping for three months (after the summer holidays) in Florence , where he studied at the British Institute . Unfortunately, the director of the institute claims that she does not remember the Duchess, because the turnover of students and teachers is very large, but she states that in the registers the name of Catherine Middleton is present . She returned to England and she enrolled at St. Andrews University where she met William at a fashion show.

Kate approaches fans on a road trip

4) Model body

First of all, Kate is much taller than she looks in the photo. On the net they speak of different heights, ranging from 175 to 178 cm. The precise measurement is 177 cm (without heels!) . A slender, slender physique, with perfectly proportioned shapes. And with her 54 kg she is one of the women with a perfect physique . Her legs are also very beautiful, and have become the strong point of her bearing. Kate’s size is equivalent to our 42 even if it doesn’t seem like it. At the time of the wedding and the preparations, the Duchess lost two sizes due to the strong stress.

5) The first boyfriend

During her studies at the prestigious Marborough College, Kate Middleton falls in love with a rugby player on the school team, Charles Von Mol . The player was the Duchess’s first boyfriend! Shortly thereafter, she dated Willem Marx , a math genius at the time, and today a photojournalist and journalist. The two broke up shortly after, but remained on excellent terms and are still friends today, so much so that Kate invited him to her wedding with William.

Willem Marx e Kate Middleton

6) Family and travel

In 1984 the Middletons moved to Amman in Jordan for work , where Kate attended the English kindergarten, and returned to Berkshire in 1986. The Duchess’s father, Michael, is a flight controller while her mother Carol a British Airways stewardess . The following year the parents founded Party Pieces , a mail order company that sells party items and accessories, with an estimated value of 30 million pounds, finding a solid economic stability. Upon returning from Jordan, Kate attended St. Andrew’s School, near the village of Pangbourne, and Downe House School, also in Berkshire.

Kate Middleton was awarded for one of her hobbies

7) Hobby

The Duchess is passionate about photography , she is said to have worked as a photographer for the family company, Party Pieces, until she had to leave to devote herself to more “regal” pastimes. The Royal Photographic Society , however, awarded her for her photos of her children, and made her an honorary member for life of her. It was Kate, and not a commissioned photographer, who took the first photos of Princess Charlotte on her first birthday, and the same goes for Baby George’s first day of kindergarten.

Kate immortalizes little George on his first day of kindergarten

Kate Middleton was also a little crazy when she was young

8) Youth madness

In 1996 it seems that there was a kiss between Kate and Jessica Hay , his then roommate, from which the gossip leaked. But that’s not all: the two young girls enjoyed showing their asses from the window of their room, which overlooked the courtyard of the male dormitory, making the boys guess which one it belonged to. That’s why instead of Middleton, everyone called it “Middlebum” (bum means “backside”).

9) The scouts

In her spare time Kate attends a group of scouts as a volunteer also because she loves being outdoors . The Duchess is well inclined to move away from the rigors of etiquette, especially if she has to do with children. Boots, jeans and a sweater for Kate, who she lets the children conquer and she spends her days playing with them.

10) Traditionalist

In addition to the bouquet, on her wedding day Kate wanted to be traditional and wear something borrowed , antique and something blue . Her dress, signed Alexander McQueen, was adorned with antique lace, the earrings given by Mum Carole and Pope Michael Middleton were new, and the tiara holding her veil was a loan from Queen Elizabeth. A blue bow was sewn between the folds of the train .

11) Kate, the “older” bride

No one in the Royal Family got married this late. Although the relationship between Kate Middleton and the Prince lasted a long time, with her 29 years (at the time of marriage), Kate has earned the title of ” oldest bride in the royal family “.

12) A patient woman

Although William would appear to be the golden husband, the princess had to suffer numerous betrayals from him when they went to university. In addition, the prince has the DNA of the Windsors and at times he shares their lapses of style: not a few times he has exploded his anger in an uncontrolled way: ” Do you know who I am ?”.

13) Almost without veils

It is said that Prince William was struck by Kate when he saw her wearing a black and blue knit dress (pictured), during a charity show at their university in 2002. The dress was made by fashion student Charlotte Todd with an expense of £ 30. Valued between 8 and 10 thousand, the dress was auctioned in 2011 and purchased for 78 thousand pounds.

14) Sports

In her college years, Kate was a real sportswoman: she played various sports including tennis , hockey and netball. While playing the role of Princess, Kate never gives up on a shot of cricket or ping pong , which seems to be her favorite sport. Kate is also often involved in volleyball matches at the events she attends. The Duchess, a great sportswoman, never backs down. Being the godmother of the British participation in the America’s Cup , she and she were invited to take a test drive of the Land Rover catamaran, and she too showed them great skill in this sport.

15) First Discourse

Her first speech after joining the royal family was in March 2012. The occasion was the opening of East Anglia’s Children Hospices , in the TreeHouse facility in Ipswich, one of the charities of which Kate is the godmother real and helping children with life-threatening diseases. Taking the stage and addressing the guests, she delivered a three-minute speech in all, written by her, and for which she practiced for a long time.

16) Kate and the Associations

She is the godmother of several charities, especially aimed at minors: The Royal Foundation , Action on Addiction, East Anglia Children’s Hospices, The Art Room, Place2Be and The 1852 Trust. Also, and godmother of the natural history museum in London, as Lady Diana was before her. She is a great sports fan and she has also chosen to support ‘ SportsAid ‘, a group that supports younger athletes.

17) The tiara of Queen Elizabeth II

On her wedding day she wore a diamond crown on loan from Queen Elizabeth II. Called the Halo Scroll Tiara , it was made by Cartier in 1936 and given to her Queen by her mother for her 18th birthday .

18) The wedding dress

Do you remember her beautiful wedding dress? Designed by designer Alexander McQueen and tailored by Sarah Burton, it had a train of 2.7 meters ! In addition, Kate wore two dresses during the wedding: one for the public ceremony and one, more comfortable, for the private one. The second dress is made entirely of silk, with a V-neckline and a diamond-encrusted belt at the waist.

19) Kate and fashion

Kim Kardashian launched a limited edition shoe called “ The Duchess ” which she designed specifically for Kate’s 30th birthday in 2012. The shoes are quilted pumps that can be purchased on the online store Shoedazzle, founded by Kardashian . They look like Chanel, they are very tall and definitely more suitable for a woman with a social life, than for a future queen.

20) Painted

Shown in a room of the National Portrait Gallery in January 2013 , the first official portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge for the first time . Kate participated in the process of selecting and improving the painting, painted by the famous artist Paul Emsley . And although this portrait has stirred some criticism, for example for the color of the eyes, made lighter to better match the color of the blouse, Kate herself told reporters that she found it “Brilliant”.