In recent years, the mobile has become a tool that only some people with specific needs had, to a technological tool that anyone has and uses on a daily basis. With this boom, competition arrives, and with it, a wide range of options and prices from which to choose which will be our smartphone. To deal with it, we bring you a list of the worst mobile phone brands. How to choose which mobile to buy
There are many factors to decide when buying a mobile, such as its usefulness, its ease of use, its interface and even, although it is not the most famous, the affectation that the mobile has on your health, due to the radiation that some products emit. The final decision is always yours, but here we bring you the 10 worst cell phone brands that you should avoid buying at all costs. 10. BlackBerry Although they had their time, BlackBerrys are nowadays practically disappeared from the telephone scene. His problem was the lack of adaptation to new technologies, and his obstinacy with his original model, the small screen and the inferior keyboard that was the characteristic symbol of the brand. Although its target was companies and multinationals, Apple took that market sector from them with the iPhone. 9. Huawei
The most controversial mobile on this list, because although its value for money is the best on the market, its terminals tend to have many problems in the software section, as well as a very ornate aesthetic. Although,The main reason why we don’t like Huawei is political , because of the brand’s relationship with the Chinese communist government, shareholder of the company and promoter of the brand globally. 8. Nokia
The case of Nokia is very similar to that of BlackBerry. Nokia’s mobile is coupled with Microsoft’s operating system, Windows Phone , to use as an operating system. The problem with the system was the constant failures that it has, in addition to the poor compatibility of many applications that were not launched from the beginning on the mobile. Although they did nothing wrong, mobile phones with Windows Phone did not succeed and will not. 7. HTC
HTC is not part of this list because it is a bad brand, but ratherIt just hasn’t evolved properly with the tech market , because although HTC’s options in the mobile market are correct, the competing options offer the same for a better price and with much better differentiating factors. 6. Ericcson Ericsson mobiles are almost no longer present in the market , after the separation suffered with Sony, the Japanese company that saved them from bankruptcy in the 2000s. Ericsson mobiles have become outdated, and although they use the system Android operating system, they do not exploit even half of the possibilities that it gives them. 5.Lenovo
Lenovo brand phones have a functionality problem mainly. Although the specifications of the brand are not bad or negative at all, and its price is very good , mobile phones tend to crash very frequently , as well as their low amounts of memory, without the possibility of including extra memory, cause recurring problems with the software . 4. Zopo Zopo is a small part of what it was in 2012, the year of the boomof smartphones, where many brands began to create their own terminals to compete in the mobile market, and many times the quality of the product is not even taken into account, only its price. Zopo is one of the cheapest terminals on the market, but with such poor compatibility with European software that the brand is close to bankruptcy. 3. Alcatel Its main problem is the internal memory, with terminals with only 8GB of memory, half of which is taken care of by the phone’s own operating system. The menus are slow and although the screens of their latest terminals launched on the market are more than six inches, their resolution is not what is expected of them, and although you can watch videos with a large screen, it is not HD or It has the full range of colors available. 2. Motorola Motorola
phones are generally good, just not good enough for the range they promise. The latest generation of Motorola phones wants to stand up to the Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone, but lags behind in performance and specifications. The camera does not reach the level of the mobile phones mentioned above, and some system resources spend a high number of megabytes. If you are going to spend 800 euros on a mobile, you have better options. 1. Kyocera Kyocera
phones are not on this list because they are poor quality, they are simply bad for your health. Kyocera promises a rugged mobile, for the military or construction world , that you know will never break, no matter how hard you hit it. The mobile is also waterproof and its plastic cover gives it the resistance that the brand boasts, in addition to a good operating system.
Speaking in terms of SAR, the specific absorption rate, the Kyocera is the worst on the list in terms of emitted radiation, which although it does not connect especially, an excess of radiation can even cause cancer. All experts recommend that before mobile phones of the brand, it is better not to buy or use them.