Experts in early childhood education, teachers and parents of students discuss the advantages and disadvantages of children taking mobile phones to school . Currently, minors start using a cell phone from a very early age (about 8 years old) and have one before their teens, so the new generations know perfectly well how a smartphone works. The technological gap opens with respect to other generations.

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Is there any risk involved in the fact that they have access to the mobile from such a young age?
The answer is yes, although it also has its advantages. We analyze it in depth. Advantages
These are the main advantages of using mobile phones in education. By duly applying these advantages, the educational system could be more efficient and adapted to the new times. 1. Access to information
Gone are the days when to do a job we had to go to the library or an encyclopedia. Although the books contain very valuable information that can be of great help to them, on the Internet they can find anything, and in a much more immediate way.
However, minors must learn thatnot everything that appears on the network is true , and therefore they must verify the information before considering it valid. In this sense, it is an advantage of the mobile as long as it is used correctly. 2. Technological
mastery Living in the digital age implies that children must learn to handle certain electronic devices, something that is as essential as learning mathematics in the opinion of many. The domain should not only be of the device itself, but of the digital environments and operating systems that exist.
Technological mastery can be an advantage for students. In the near future, teachers can use digital devices to teach the lesson or use the telephone as another work tool.3. Personalized learning
One of the points in favor of using mobile phones at school is that personalized teaching can be given, adapted to each student through applications and devices . Although we have not yet made much progress in this field, we know that technology can positively influence the learning of minors. The question is how. Disadvantages
Below we present the risks and disadvantages of cell phone use. In the most serious cases, the physical or emotional integrity of the minor may be endangered. 1. Cyberbullying
Bullying or bullying is a reality in many countries around the world. The emotional integrity of the minor can be seriously affected, and more so if his environment is not aware of the problem. The big problem of the current era is that this harassment continues when school hours end , usually through the network.
Social networks are a double-edged sword: although they allow the minor to socialize and stay connected with his companions, it may be that same network the place through which he is receiving insults and even threats.
This would be a general disadvantage of cell phone use by minors and adolescents, not only at school. The solution is complex. Perhaps greater parental control and a good emotional education2. Security on the Internet
A worrying figure from a study by the University of the Basque Country is that more than 25% of minors have received a sexual message . No one is unaware that the Internet allows users a certain anonymity, and that this anonymity serves to mask, in many cases, criminal profiles.
We must be clear with whom our children communicate and what information they are giving on social networks . Some applications reveal the child’s location or habits, information that can be used for criminal purposes. The ideal is to apply a series of filters and preventive measures. 3. Distraction
A clear disadvantage of mobile in classrooms is that the student can be distracted. The telephone continues to be an inexhaustible source of stimuli that can divert minors from their obligations. In fact, this is already leading to serious addictions at all ages, a problem that should be treated with professional help. 4. Status
symbol Having a 1,000-euro iPhone or a high-end device can be a status symbol for the minor, and can affect her relationship with other children her age.
At present, a telephone is nothing more than a consumer good with an expiration date, and it is that from time to time the technologies become obsolete. Many point out the need to reverse this to avoid compulsive consumerism and the need to be “up to date” to be socially accepted. 5. Sedentary
lifestyle Although the use of the telephone is related to sedentary lifestyle, there are applications that can make exercise more dynamic . These applications can be used in physical education classes, not only for planning exercises but also for correcting common mistakes.
We have not yet found the perfect formula for applying new technologies in education, but the truth is that the future will involve implementing these technologies in schools. The sooner we learn to nullify the disadvantages that this entails, the better for the new generations.

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