There are many types of uncomfortable questions in the world. Most of them, when we do them to other people, serve to investigate and discover who we have in front of us. The problem arises when the question in question is unexpected for the recipient or even for both.
Perhaps the question came out unintentionally and later you realized that it was uncomfortable, or perhaps you have asked it on purpose to make the person in front of you uncomfortable. In any of the cases, here we bring you a perfect list of questions that you should avoid… or not…

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Awkward Questions to Avoid
Of course, most of these questions can directly make both of you uncomfortable ; therefore, you must be very determined to launch them and wait for a response.
The most frequent reactions to these types of questions are to remain silent with a face of “what is that about
” or a nervous laugh followed by a silence even more uncomfortable almost than the question. Get ready, because in addition, there are questions whether the person you ask is your partner or a friend or acquaintance . 1. Who has been the person you have treated the worst in your life?
A most uncomfortable question for those who have the courage to answer honestly. Maybe there are people whothey prefer not to reconsider their actions and convince themselves that they have always been saints. 2. Do you really consider yourself a happy person?
Many people are smiling in their day to day but the truth is that they are not happy at all. If the other person is aware of her own unhappiness and it is something she does not like to talk about, we are sure that it will create some discomfort. 3. Have your parents ever caught you masturbating
? How was
A classic. Perhaps the question is not as uncomfortable as the event. Without a doubt, asking him to tell the scene will help add discomfort . 4. Do you have any fear that you consider embarrassing
There are people who are afraid of things that they themselves consider ridiculous and often have a hard time confessing. 5. Have you ever declared your love to someone who didn’t love you back?
An uncomfortable question but easy to answer. Most of us have been rejected at some time (or many). Perhaps the embarrassing thing is the “how” and not so much yes or no. 6. Do you have any mania or secret custom
There are often people who perform rituals that are quite “silly” in the eyes of the majority. They are also often aware that these rituals or customs are rare and are ashamed to admit them. 7. Are there any lies that you usually tell systematically about yourself?
Sometimes they are small details but sometimes they hide real fears. One of the most uncomfortable questions. 8. What parts of the body do you look at first in another person? Depending on how liberal the other person is, this question can be more or less uncomfortable. Of course, a servant would not care to say that part of the men usually look first. 9. Is there any part of your body that you are ashamed of or would change?
On this occasion, depending on the respondent’s ego , the question will be uncomfortable or not. If the person has a rather fragile self-esteem, responding may be a serious blow. 10. What things would you change in your life
Similar to the question about happiness. A lot of people feel really uncomfortable when they have to admit that they don’t have a perfect life, as they might show on Facebook or Instagram. 11. Have you ever been unfaithful?
The figures are there. A large percentage of the population has been unfaithful at some time. The difficult thing is to recognize it. 12. Have you ever exposed yourself for love
More than one or one has ended up dragging yourself begging for some love from the other. In fact, some come to lose the north completely in order to receive some affection (or what they understand by affection) . 13. Do you have satisfactory sexual relations
Once again a question appears that questions our well-being, but in this case sexual well-being. As a clue we can say that most people have problems or have had problems in bed . The difficult thing as always is to recognize it. 14. With how many people have you had intimate relationships
Many people have no qualms about admitting the figure. Others even brag about it. At the same time, other people feel real embarrassment when the number of relationships is too high or too low. 15. Have you ever thought about having relationships with someone of your same sex
Homosexual fantasies are more frequent than it seems among heterosexuals. But as often happens with these issues, it is very uncomfortable to have to admit it. 16. Have you ever used an unusual object to masturbate?
From the shower hose to some food, more than one person has used objects to give himself pleasure. Will he be able to recognize him? 17. Will you call me tomorrow
After a date, this is one of the questions with which you can say goodbye, especially if it has not gone as well as you would like. 18. Have you ever lied to me
We all lie every day. Even if it is with small comments without bad intention. In fact, the ones we lie to the most is ourselves. 19. Have you ever tried to flirt with a friend’s partner?
An uncomfortable question that if it is, isbecause we know that it is something that is very wrong . 20. Would you like to have children
Depending on how advanced and complicit there is in a relationship, this question can be more or less uncomfortable. If it is, maybe you should rethink some things. 21. Would you like to marry
? With whom?

Similar to the previous one. This question can get completely awkward if the answer is negative or… if it’s someone else’s name. 22. Have you thought about having relationships with other people while you’re with me?
It’s quite normal, especially when the relationship has been going on for years. Admitting it should not be a problem if both of you are clear that the fantasies or thoughts are not the intentions.23. What is your weirdest sexual fantasy
You have to be careful with this question because a sincere answer can completely surprise and annoy the person who asks it. 24. Have you ever spied on someone Spying is something relatively common that is done especially when you are very young. Depending on the circumstances, the discomfort will be one or the other. 25. Why are you with your partner?
If you are in front of a person who has a partner due to inertia or dependency , it is possible that this question will generate discomfort, because he will realize that he does not have sufficient reasons. 26. How much do you weigh
A question that shouldn’t be uncomfortable, but nevertheless it is for many people.The pressure of society so that we all have an “ideal” weight. 27. What has been your best experience in bed
Sometimes talking about good sexual moments can become quite uncomfortable because it involves uncovering our most primitive and liberated side. 28. What has been your worst experience in bed
When things go wrong it can also be difficult to share; especially if the fault was ours. 29. Have you ever slept with a stranger
Perhaps an increasingly common practice that many people are not proud of and are even ashamed of. 30. If you could do anything, what would you do with me right now?
A very direct question thatIt can end in mutual liberation or in a rupture of the relationship of friendship. Be careful how you use it. 31. Have you slept with someone out of spite?
More than one or one when they break up with them or don’t get what they wanted, they make the decision to maintain relationships with other people simply out of pride or to harm others. Acknowledging it in hindsight may not be as easy as doing it, because it involves realizing that we intend to harm others in ways that actually harm ourselves more. 32. Have you ever contracted an STD?
For those who have ever contracted a sexually transmitted disease. Remember, put it on, put it on. 33. Would you like to meet my parents
There comes a time when every relationship reaches this point. For many people, the relationship with parents is complex and uncomfortable. Asking about this step can make your hair stand on end. 34. Have you ever regretted having an intimate relationship with someone?
You may have had relationships out of spite or other temporary factors that, looking back, make you feel regret and shame. It may also be that you have allowed yourself to “undress” (physically and/or emotionally) before someone who has not treated you well. 35. How many centimeters tall are you
Question intended for men. Some may take the opportunity to brag about their attributes, but the truth is that a large majority will feel uncomfortable even if they are happy with their measurements.36. Do you usually watch pornography
? What kind?

A very direct way of inquiring about the fantasies of the person we ask. If after this we ask about what type of porn you have ever downloaded, we will have the perfect combo. 37. What are your ex-partners like?
Tastes change and sometimes when we look back we realize that the choices have not been the smartest of our lives. 38. How much do you charge?
We shouldn’t be ashamed to talk about how much we charge. In this way, if no one knows how much others are paid, bosses have more freedom to choose their employees’ salaries. Remember that the value of a person is not expressed in how much they are paid, but in how much they assert themselves.39. What did you think the first time you saw me
Many times first impressions have nothing to do with the real person in front of us. Inquiring about the image that was formed at the beginning of a relationship will be as revealing as it is uncomfortable. 40. If you could know or do anything about me, what would it be? Dare to ask him to express his desire to meet you openly . After all, look at how many questions you have already prepared for him/her.

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