Telling scary myths around a campfire may sound like an American movie, but it’s something we should all do from time to time. We present a list of seven short horror myths that will leave even the bravest frozen . Some of these legends may have been distorted over the years, but others remain shrouded in mystery and still have no answer. Prepare to be scared.

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The 7 best short horror legends
We all know the story of the girl on the curve or we have heard stories about monsters in the closet, but we bring you a selection of horror myths that are out of the norm. 1. The Lady of the candle
This Argentine legend has left the children of the country without sleeping for many nights, and it is not surprising. According to the inhabitants of Corrientes, a young woman dressed in a long white dress and a red cape has appeared on countless occasions in a school called Joan Pujol . She walks the corridors with a lighted candle in her hand, always in silence.
The myth affirms that the daughter of a rich family was abandoned by a militarywho had sworn eternal love. After some time, the young woman became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful and healthy girl. It was then that her military appeal abandoned her, and as soon as her brothers found out that she had become a single mother, she locked her in a secret room in her house.
The young woman deteriorated from her abandonment, dimly lit by candlelight. Many years later he died from the cold and humidity , too much for the heat of the candle. Since then, her soul wanders through the halls of the school, which was built on the same site as the mansion. No one has dared to blow out that candle so that he can finally rest in peace. 2. The Holy Company
In Galicia the most widespread myth is that of the Santa Compana. It is a group of souls in pain that travels around the parishes, to warn all those houses in which there will soon be a death. They are also called Estantigua or Guestia , according to the northern region of Spain. The company always leaves at twelve o’clock at night, and a living person goes first with the cross of Christ.
It is said that whoever performs the function of bearer does not remember what happened the next day. This living person will grow progressively weaker, unless the Santa Compana finds another mortal to fill his new role. “Go by day, the night is mine”, they exclaim. 3. The mobile photo
There are also current horror myths, and these happen even now. This tells the story of a single mother with a normal life. One fine day she won a mobile phone in a contest . As was logical, her son wanted to play with the new device and she agreed in exchange for her not sending messages to anyone or installing anything weird.
At 11 pm she got tired of watching her favorite show and went to her son’s room to say goodnight. He was where he should be, phone in hand. As she had told him, the boy hadn’t touched too many things, but he had been taking some pictures .
They were dumb, low-quality photos, so he started deleting the most recent ones. When she went to erase the last one, a cold sweat ran down her back. It was a photo of her son sleeping in bed, but it looked like it had been taken by someone else . Was the face of an old woman that appeared in the left half
The photo that was taken after the child fell asleep. | Image from: Facebook. 4. The blind butcher
The second short myth takes place in Berlin, after the end of World War II. In a city ravaged by famine and bombs, people survived with the few resources they had. The story goes that a blind man wandered through the cityheartbroken, trying to get someone to help him. A young woman from Berlin was the first to offer herself.
Both began to talk and the old man asked him if he could deliver a letter to the indicated address . Since the place was on her way home, she was delighted to agree. The girl realized that there was something strange about the address, and that is that she couldn’t tell if the number was a 4 or a 9. When she turned to the blind man, he had disappeared.
Months later, the police went to the same place, alerted by several incidents in the region. Once there, they found a Dantesque panorama. Three butchers cut human meatto sell it as pork. Among the lifeless bodies, that of a dismembered young woman with amputated hands. In one of them, the envelope of a letter with a terrifying message.
“This is the last one I send you today.” 5. Leucrota
Other times it is the mythology that gives rise to really creepy myths. Ethiopian folklore tells the story of a terrifying creature called Leucrota. With a snout that extends from ear to ear, this animal is similar to a hyena but has powers that are hard to explain.
Locals claim that the Leucrota has the ability to mimic the sounds of the human voice. It uses this ability to attract prey. They also claim that, when he spends weeks without putting anything in his mouth, he digs up corpses from cemeteries to devour them. 6. Daddy, there are monsters under my bed
Sometimes the best horror myths are those that are told in the first person. “Like every night, there is nothing I appreciate more than tucking my son in before he falls asleep . He has always been a very brave boy, but lately he tells me that he can’t fall asleep. The reason: he thinks there is something under his bed. Sometimes it’s in his closet. It doesn’t matter, it’s kid nonsense.
The same story repeats itself every day, so I’m starting to worry. I try to reassure him, but the truth is that I noticeSomething strange in your room . Also, no matter how high the heating goes, it’s still cold.
The monster under the bed is a classic. | Image from: Survivalist.
Now he asks me, pleading: ‘Daddy, please look under my bed . ‘ I bend down and lift the sheets little by little. He makes my heart skip a beat. My son is under there, shaking as he tells me: ‘Daddy, there is something in my bed.’ I should have listened to him and his brother, who died a year ago in this same room”. 7. The Badajoz ravine (Canary Islands)
A canyon located in Tenerife is the origin of many myths and urban legends that make your blood run cold. Some are hard to believe, but others have a strange element in common: the appearance of lights and luminous figures.. Everything goes back to 1912, when two miners from the region were looking for new ways for their excavations. Suddenly, one of the walls collapsed.
When they regained consciousness, they watched in fear as two luminous entities appeared before them . They fled in terror in search of the Civil Guard, who of course laughed at them and did nothing about it. However, it was not the first time that someone in the area had come across these luminescent beings.
Decades before, a girl ventured down the ravine aloneto know for what reason. Since it was siesta time, she fell asleep under a pine tree. Upon awakening from her, a luminescent being invited her to accompany him to a cave. She felt no fear and took his hand. When the girl came back to town no one could believe it. Twenty years had passed since her disappearance.

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