The profession of actor is certainly one of the most envied and paid in the world but it is not always so easy to shoot all the scenes that are proposed for the making of a film. In fact, those of sex are not always so easy for all actors to interpret.

Although many stars have been “forced” to act in hot scenes , not all actors find it easy to show themselves naked in front of the cameras, in such a natural way.

On the contrary, there are also many actors, among the unsuspected, who have no difficulty in shooting particularly spicy scripts. There are even those who manage to have fun as if they were at a party.

Are you curious to know who among the Hollywood stars is in favor of shooting very intense scenes or who would gladly do without it, because more than embarrassed?

Let’s find out together the actors who are in favor and those against shooting sex scenes:

1) Dakota Johnson

If you think about the scenes she shot on the Fifty Shades set, she imagines Dakota having no problem shooting sex scenes. But the protagonist of the successful trilogy of films, the transposition of the novels by EL James, said she felt little at ease with her during the most extreme filming. Indeed, she would have requested that the personnel present were strictly necessary during the shooting.

2) Liam Hemsworth

Perhaps it is also surprising the discomfort for the sex scenes by the beautiful Australian actor Liam Hemsworth , shy and reserved despite being very famous. In his case, however, the reason is not that he is embarrassed by performing sexual acts, but rather the fact of having to undress in front of all the staff.

3) Natalie Portman

Conversely, those who have absolutely no problem stripping on set and shooting spicy scenes and actress Natalie Portman . Regarding her famous hot scene with Mila Kunis in the film The Black Swan , the actress talked about how useful she was to her. In fact, she would allow her to clarify her true sexual identity.

4) Nina Dobrev

Instead, the beautiful Bulgarian actress said she felt very embarrassed when her mother went to the set to watch the filming of The Vampire Diaries . Also, Nina said the most unpleasant thing was when her mom started giving her advice on how to make a sex scene she was shooting more realistic.

5) Zac Efron

Actor Zac Efron explained that he can feel perfectly at ease even in the hottest scenes that concern him. The star, managing to relax during the sex scenes, enjoys the moment and manages not to feel embarrassed, despite being aware of being observed by most of the staff.

6) Ian Somerhalder

Contrary to his ex Nina Dobrev , who is not perfectly comfortable, the American actor, Ian Somerhalder , loves shooting sex scenes . In fact, he finds acting hot scenes interesting and a lot of fun: ” If an actor isn’t having fun while he’s shooting them, something’s wrong .”

7) Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is among the most uninhibited stars . In fact, the actress would have declared that she is preparing to shoot the sex scenes as if she were at a party . She drinks a glass of whiskey and makes her co-stars drink it too, all to make the atmosphere warmer and act more naturally.

8) Julianne Moore

Actress Julianne Moore , like her previous colleagues, also feels perfectly at ease in filming sex scenes. No embarrassment or shame for her, on the contrary. Julianne believes that hot parts are inevitable in her work and need attention like any other scene to be shot on set.

9) Robert Pattinson

The most famous vampire in Hollywood is also in favor of the hot scenes. In fact , Robert Pattinson is particularly interested in looking as natural as possible .