There are questions that are impossible, situations that put you between a rock and a hard place and that pose very interesting dilemmas. Let’s go with a few questions that are practically impossible to answer , funny, spicy and even disgusting dilemmas to pose on a night out with your friends.

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55 impossible questions to answer What would you prefer to happen That is the main premise of all these difficult decisions. Do you dare to answer them all ? 1. That your boyfriend catches you cheating or catches you cheating Typical impossibly risque
question. 2. Always tell the truth or always lie
Think carefully about the consequences of each answer. 3. Do you freeze to death in Antarctica or die of thirst in the Sahara
? Two horrible ways to die. 4. Do you wear winter clothes in summer or do you wear summer clothes in winter?
In any case, bad times will be inevitable. 5. To have a lot of hair in the ear or a lot of hair in the nose
Oh, and it’s not worth taking it off every day . 6. Wearing someone else’s underwear or using their toothbrush
Both have been used before , of course. 7. Does having to shout everything or just being able to whisper
Everything has its advantages. 8. Have free gasoline all your life or a free daily portion of your favorite restaurant
An impossible question to answer, except for the most foodies. 9. Be gifted and very faith or be beautiful but very stupid
It depends on what you want to achieve in life.10. Find a great love and be poor or be a millionaire but never have true love
Another quite typical impossible question that makes us choose between love and money. 11. Have the job of your dreams and have economic difficulties or have a job that you hate but that you never lack money?
You also have to think about the quality of life. 12. Marrying someone who doesn’t love you or marrying someone you don’t love
? You will have to be with that person every day for the rest of your life . 13. Eating a huge poisonous spider or a large poisonous wasp?
I would have it very clear, I don’t know about you. 14. Relive a specific moment or be able to recreate a random situation
Keep in mind thatThat situation would not be of your choice . 15. Losing an arm and a foot or losing a leg and a hand
This one is really hard. 16. That they give you 100 euros instantly or that they give you one euro a day for 200 days
? There are people who would spend it the same day. 17. Not feeling emotions again or not being able to express emotions
? It’s not exactly the same thing. 18. Being unable to feel sadness or being unable to feel anger?
Two very necessary feelings in life. 19. Being a genius in a world of idiotic people or being an idiot in a world of geniuses
Genius or idiot, would you be the only person like that in the world.20. Always live with your parents or marry a stranger and not be able to get a divorce?
Question that depends on the personality of each one. 21. Be completely invisible for a day or fly for a day
Two dreams that many would like to fulfill. 22. Having the ability to teleport or the ability to read minds?
It’s all pluses, always use that ability for good. 23. Being the funniest person in the world or the smartest
You can achieve great things either way. 24. Nobody come to your wedding or nobody go to your funeral
As long as you want to get married, obviously. 25. Know when you are going to die or know how you are going to die
If you knew, would you live constantly thinking about it?

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26. Have the ability to speak all the languages ​​of the world or be able to speak with animals
? An incredible question that makes your imagination run wild. 27. That nobody catches you when you tell a lie or know when someone is lying to you
With this impossible question it is revealed who is the most liar of the group. 28. Control the world or live in a world without problems
Many would try to do good, but many others would be authentic dictators. 29. Being too thin or being too obese
We’ll make it harder: you can’t change that situation no matter how many diets you do. 30. Being 10 years old all your life or always being 50 Both physically and psychologically.31. Can’t close your eyes again or can’t you open your mouth again?
Think of all the situations you couldn’t help but see. The question is more difficult then. 32. Not having Internet or not having a mobile phone?
Two addictions of modern times. 33. Travel back in time to meet your ancestors or travel to the future to meet your successors
AND without consequences in space-time. 34. Win the lottery or live twice as normal
? Would you like to have a full life or live many experiences ? 35. Be the smartest or sexiest person on the planet.
Here it will show what your priorities are. 36. Have a button to rewind your life or a pause button
A most difficult decision. 37. A passionate night with a stranger or with your best friend ?
This question is ideal to ask in a group , especially if your best friend is present. 38. Three months of vacation in a paradisiacal place and alone, or five days in your city with whoever you want?
It can be a famous person or someone you know , whoever. 39. Does your partner’s breath smell or their feet smell?
Think the stench would be unbearable. 40. Travel around the world and not be able to return to your native country or never leave your country?
There are people who, unfortunately, would be very clear about it.41. Living a zombie apocalypse or World War III
Is it worth changing zombie apocalypse for alien invasion. 42. Talk like Yoda or talk like Darth Vader
The most curious question on the whole list will be this, young padawan. 43. Having a terrible relationship but with amazing sex or terrible sex in a great relationship
AND that you could only be with that person . 44. Go naked all the time or let everyone know what you think
Question that puts us in the most embarrassing situations. 45. Live forever or live 70 years with a perfect life
Think about the disadvantages of eternal life. 46. ​​Lose 100 euros so that the person you hate the most does not win 100,000 euros?
There are people who would turn the world upside down in order to embitter the existence of their enemy. 47. Change sex for a day or go back to being a child for a day
An impossible question that will make us think for a while. 48. To be able to relive the important moments of your life or to see a very important moment of your future?
The question is that you could not do anything to change that moment of the future . 49. End machismo or end racism
Perhaps they are not mutually exclusive options. 50. Being able to see in the dark or hear from miles away?
Could you hear a specific point , the one you wanted. 51. Have three arms or three legs
We are sure that you had never considered it. 52. Have a close friend or many friends in a distant city?
The question is that very few times you will be able to visit them . 53. Receive 1,000 euros in cash or 2,000 euros in gifts
It depends on the value you give to money. 54. Always have the physique of a child or live forever with the mind of a child
? The advantages are very different. 55. Burping uncontrollably or farting involuntarily
Gas could come at any time, in public or in private with your partner .

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