When we communicate, we tend to give much more importance to words than to what our body says. Although verbal language is full of nuances (depending on what is said, how it is said or in what tone), non-verbal language also has a number of signs that provide a clear message about what the sender is trying to convey.
Through our body flows information that is detectable if one is attentive enough. Although there is the conception that men are hermetic and do not reveal their intentions, this is not even remotely so. Words can serve to hide the truth about what a man feels, but the gestures he emits offer useful information to discover his true intentions.
So what gestures does a man make when he likes you?

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Before starting
It is worth making a small note before continuing: not all human beings act in the same way. It may happen that a man performs some of the gestural signals that we will describe below without any intention of showing his liking for another person; so it is convenient not to lose sight of this and discover what he really wants. 11 gestures that a man makes when he really likes you Below we
will detail a series of gestures that occur when a man likes someone. Stay alert, because sometimes they can go unnoticed. 1. Facial expressions give away a man when he likes you Everyone has heard that “the face is the mirror of the soul”. However, far from being a random phrase, it is a maxim that means that through facial expressions we can tell if we like someone without having to say anything.
As we mentioned at the beginning, culturally, men have been inculcated a lot that they should not show their emotions in public and that, on the contrary, they should remain hard and cold like an ice floe. However, it is impossible to try to fake some facial microexpressions that are not consistent with what we really feel. More genuine expressions
Although many people are good at disguising and disguising their emotions, there is a qualitative difference between when they are feigned and when they are really felt .
In this sense, one of the most recognizable gestures that a man makes when he likes you occurs on the face. He is more or less reluctant, in general, when a man likes you, his facial expressions are more honest and the emotions he expresses through them, more genuine, without the feeling of being forced. In other words, all gestures will be much more spontaneous, since we unconsciously show more empathy towards the person for whom we feel something. 2. Smile at all times
The smile is an obvious gesture that a man likes you. If as soon as you meet, his mood suddenly changes for the better and a smile is drawn from ear to ear that does not dissipate , you can suspect that he feels something more than he esteems you.3. Looking away
A physiological reaction of the human body when we see something we like, including a person, is pupillary dilation. This behavior already occurs in the first months of life when babies are presented with an image of their mother, to which they react by kicking and whimpering, a sign that they recognize that visual stimulus. The same thing happens when, as young people or adults, men are in front of the person they like.
We insist on the idea that many men try to cover up their feelings (either out of fear, insecurity, nervousness, because they have assumed it that way or all at once), but another of the gestures a man makes when he likes you is gives in the look: continuously deflect it throughout the scene, constantly going through all the corners, avoiding eye contact with you at all times are signs that, although that man likes you, looking directly into your eyes imposes and unsettles him. 3.1 Fleeting glances at the lips
Although a man cannot spend a long time looking at your face without looking away, when he does, he will subtly lower his eyes to your lips. This is very subtle and lasts a few thousandths of a second, but it is a gesture that a man makes when he likes you very decisively.
Now, this gesture by itself does not mean that no one is going to kiss your lips passionately, but it makes sense if we add it to the other examples that we have seen and will see below. 4. Restless hands
Not everyone gives importance to hand gestures, thinking that they are meaningless movements. There are very expressive people who use these extremities to emphasize their speech, such as politicians, television presenters or singers, among others. In professions well versed in “what is said”, through gestures the “how is said” is reinforced , providing dynamism, clarifying the words and preventing the audience from getting bored.
But, what gestures does a man make with his hands when he likes you?
If you see that he squeezes his hands, he continuously plays with them or fiddles with some element of his clothing while you talk, it can reveal some sexual tension towards you . 5. Touch also gives a man away when he likes you
Without being incoherent with restless hands, although it does not happen in a compulsory way either, there are also men who seek a certain complicity through touch with the person they like. Some gestures that a man makes when he likes you are through touch, so you can pay attention to how he uses his hands with respect to you: if he caresses your arm, holds your hand or touches your hair, among other things; although you perceive that he does not leave them still at any time.

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6. Look at how close he is to you
A key indicator to determine the agreeableness between two human beings is the physical distance between them. Before that special person, a man usually shortens distances unconsciously , thus evidencing the attraction he feels. 7. Body posture
Nonverbal language is also expressed through body posture, and forms a whole series of codes that allow you to indicate whether that individual likes you or not. If he takes the same posture as you or if he projects his body towards yours , these are clear signs of his interest in you. 8. Inflate the chest
Special mention for this typically male behavior, very inscribed in genetics since it also occurs in the animal kingdom.Sticking out your chest during a conversation is one of the most frequent gestures a man makes when he likes you; In this way, he seeks to appear bigger to you than he really is, as an instinctive form of courtship. 9. Feet pointing towards what we like
The feet are also extremities that inform when a man likes you. If you look closely, you can see that they are projected towards you . The opposite happens when we feel uncomfortable and want to escape from a situation: the feet are pointing in a different direction towards the person who is speaking.

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