Summer is upon us and the desire to buy everything you need to spend whole days at the beach is increasingly present in our heads. And are you ready to show off your beach looks? In this post we will talk about the latest trends in swimwear fashion , seeing together the most sought after models, for a summer season at the top!


Also this year the question is always the same: one piece swimsuit or two pieces? Let’s see together the advantages of choosing a one-piece swimsuit.

Why choose the one-piece swimsuit?

For a couple of years, the one-piece swimsuit has been a must-have in all summer wardrobes. The extreme versatility makes it an accessory that we just cannot do without. It can be useful in masking those pounds that we have not been able to dispose of in time for the summer. In addition, the fashion houses have enjoyed creating more and more colorful models and with increasingly irregular shapes, making them so beautiful that they can even be used as a top to go out at night, combined with soft skirts, or as a body to make a simple aperitif with the friends on the beach, combining it with your favorite pair of shorts.

Let’s find out together in the following lines which are the most popular fantasies for this summer 2019 for what concerns the fashion of swimwear .

1950s swimsuit

For this 2019 the 50s seem to be back in fashion, with the iconic navy style with polka dots and stripes, high-waisted culottes and an abundance of bows and ruffles.

“Animalier” swimwear

In the latest 2018-2019 collections we have seen the animalier pattern presented in all sauces, from top to pants, from leopard to zebra and animal print swimwear could not be missing for this summer 2019.

Here is one of the animalier models made by Yamamay: the costume combines the colors black, ivory with various shades of beige.

One-shoulder costumes

This year many designers have proposed the one-shoulder cut , both for swimwear and for many shirts and dresses. The monosyllable cut gives any item of clothing a touch of refinement but at the same time sensuality.

Two-piece swimsuit: the most popular models

Let’s see together why to choose the classic two-piece swimsuit for your beach outfit.

Why choose the two-piece swimsuit?

Although aesthetically the one-piece swimsuits have a certain charm, most women continue to prefer the classic two-piece swimsuit. Let’s say right away that the sensation of a wet swimsuit on is not the most pleasant sensation in the world, especially in those moments when the sun is covered by some passing clouds or when a gust of wind rises. For this reason, at the seaside, people prefer to wear as little fabric as possible in contact with the skin, in order to avoid this unpleasant sensation.

Even the classic two-pieces have their versatility: in fact they too can be used as a top over jeans or high-waisted skirts for an aperitif or for an evening by the sea.

With sleeves

This two-piece swimsuit has the characteristic of having sleeves, which have been seen around the beaches for a couple of years, with girls wearing models of this kind, which have become a real must-have. This costume can also be used as a top with shorts or combined under jackets and kimonos.

Solid color model

We will never tire of the classic solid color two-piece bikini , perfect for any time spent at the beach. In fact, this always remains on the crest of the wave, even after many years.