The position of the stars at the moment of birth marks our personality and behavior, and much of what we are and how we are can be explained by our zodiac sign. Discover ten actors and actresses who were born under the sign of Aries and how the horoscope determines their qualities and defects. Brave, athletes, handsome and pretty, impulsive, brave and with sporadic relationships are just some of the adjectives that describe Aries actors and actresses.

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Well-known actors and actresses who are Aries
These international artists of proven prestige were born under the sign of Aries, between March 21 and April 20. According to the horoscope, they have an impulsive personality and, as a fire sign, they allow themselves to be dominated by passions.

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1. Keira Nightley
The characters that Keira Nightley has played in fiction are usually brave, stubborn and adventurous, like Ana Karenina, without going any further. That is, a 100% Aries spirit. However, what makes the actress, born on March 26, 1985, a true Aries, is her ability to overcome her.
Very few know that the actress from movies like ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ has dyslexia, a handicap that she has not made her give up. On the contrary: lacking university studies, she read and studied in her free time to complement her professional training . 2. Sarah Jessica Parker
The personality of actress Sarah Jessica Parker, who was born under the sign of Aries (March 25, 1965),is based on the most sensitive features of the ram . Famous for his impulsive character, many are unaware of Aries’ sensitivity to the arts, and Sarah Jessica Parker was a great dancer since she was little.
She combined her ballet studies with an acting career, which she achieved celebrity with her role as Carrie Bradshaw in ‘Sex and the City’. However, the erratic character of the party girl Carrie Bradshaw is far from the family stability of Sarah Jessica Parker . 3. Ewan McGregor Passionate, adventurous, impulsive, irrational . This is how we could define the antihero of ‘Trainspotting’ that Ewan McGregor brought to life, a role that gave fame to the famous actor and that fully coincides with the personality of Aries. Predestination
But the true Arian character of Ewan McGregor is manifested in his passion for motorcycles and his adventurous soul, which has led him to make two great trips : first he traveled from London to New York through Central Europe, Central Asia, Siberia and Canada, and then ran a second marathon from the north of Scotland to South Africa. 4. Russell Crowe
Born on April 7, 1964, Russell Crowe became a movie legend for playing the character of General Maximo in ‘Gladiator’. And that is probably the very image of an Aries: the archetype of the strong, vengeful and fearless hero .
Beyond his alter ego, we can recognize in Russell Crowe some distinctive features of the sign of the ram. The actor has been involved in several altercations that have earned him a reputation for being moody: in 2006 he was arrested for assaulting a janitor . In addition, he combines the impetus of Aries with his passion for music, as he is a great violinist. 5. Miguel Angel Silvestre
As the sign that heads the zodiac, Aries represents the strength of the head and the muscles , and that is why the natives of it are usually people endowed with great physical beauty and great muscular capacity.
If there is an Aries actor who meets these characteristics, it is Miguel Angel Silvestre (April 6, 1982), an internationally renowned Spaniard who became one of the most seductive actors with his role as The Duke in ‘Sin tits, there is no paradise’ of television . His fame as a seducer also translates into a private life full of sporadic relationships. 6. Emma Watson
Another artist who combines her acting skills with modeling thanks to her beauty is the actress Emma Watson. She was born on April 15, 1990, she has been the face of brands such as Burberry and Lancome, in addition to gaining international fame as the role of Hermione Granger in the eight ‘Harry Potter’ films.
Not in vain in 2013 she was chosen by a world poll by Empire magazine as the sexiest woman among movie stars . In addition to the beauty of the Aries, she carries in her DNA her hyperactive personality: she sings, dances and plays hockey and tennis. 7. Reese Witherspoon
Probably the waste of artistic ability that Reese Witherspoon showed in her role as June Carter in the movie ‘Walk the Line’ is the best letter of presentation of her as Aries: an overwhelming and multifaceted personality in the cinema and in the music .
A character full of energy and musical talent like that of Johnny Cash’s partner led this actress, born on March 22, 1976, to conquer the podium of the best actresses in Hollywood. In addition, the brave and heroic character of an Aries like Reese Witherspoon emerged with the allegations of sexual harassment that she made in the framework of the #MeToo campaign . 8. Jim Parsons
Although many would say that Sheldon Cooper, the geek scientist from ‘Big Bang Theory’ , fits more with a Capricorn personality, for example, the actor who brings him to life, Jim Parsons, is Aries, since he was born on the 24th of March 1973.
As an Arian, Jim Parsons has an extroverted character that he began to show from a very young age, standing out for his acting skills in various plays. From then on he set out to be an actor and, like a good Aries, stubborn and determined, he met the challenge. He is also a brave and self-confident guy, publicly acknowledging his homosexuality in 2012. 9. Rooney Mara
Actress Rooney Mara, famous for her performances in movies like ‘The Social Network’ and ‘Millennium: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ women’, was born on April 17, 1985 and, as such, was born under the sign of Aries.
The zodiac has endowed her with good acting skills that she has exploited gradually and in a very particular way. Despite belonging to a saga of billionaires,It started from the bottom, from the independent cinema , showing a great character and a great personality. She has had an unstable sentimental life with sporadic relationships. 10. Jackie Chan
People born under the sign of Aries are usually full of energy and often develop an aggressive personality . They are physically strong beings with great potential for sports activities.
This profile fits very well a well-known actor who was born under the sign of Aries: Jackie Chan. Born on April 7, 1954, he became famous for action movies in which he displayed his martial arts skills. At the time of his unveiling a past full of vices, violence and lack of control, as corresponds to the impulsive character of Aries.