The Spanish language is very rich in its vocabulary , which even allows us to insult someone properly, so that we do not fall into the most vulgar chabacaneria, while letting off steam.
Insulting someone when we argue heatedly or cursing the air are resources that we use to cope with the tension of some topics of conversation, so we bring you 15 words for you to insult properly and that will help you look elegant.
The following words to insult are a compendium of terms collected in three different dictionaries: the Dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, the Joan Corominas Etymological Dictionary and that of the Mexican Academy of Language, where expressions known as “Mexicanisms” are found. ”. We have arranged these refined insults in alphabetical order to make it easier to follow the list: 1. Bulging
We start with a term that does not refer only to the shape of an object, but is also a word to elegantly insult someone especially naive , that he does not seem to understand when he is spoken to or that, directly, he does not listen to reason.
“How can you believe that lie
? Don’t be puffed up!”
Similarly, there is a meaning that can be used to describe someone who is bored.
“He was swollen all day, not bothering to socialize with the people who had come.”
The word swollen is also often used in countries like Argentina, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, or Uruguay, so if you go there and If that’s the case, you can use it. 2. Alimana
This feminine word is used to refer to a person of great moral baseness, who has no feelings or a bad heart.
“She’s an alimana, she doesn’t mind trampling on others if that’s how she goes to benefit”. 3. Bellaco
“Bellaco” refers to a person with bad ideasand especially twisted, so it’s a good word for subtle insults.
“He was an unscrupulous miscreant who dedicated himself to robbing old women by pulling their bags.” 4. Sloppy
If you want to use a word to insult like “sloppy”, you will be saying that he is a person who is not at all serious or formal in his sexual encounters.
” A jerk
is someone who
sleeps with anyone”. a stick to the water”. 6. Duranon
Does it sound like someone is “duranon”
Neither more nor less than a stingy person , one of those who find it hard to give but who may have no qualms about asking.
“Don’t be too hard for me, go ahead. Leave me money for coffee, please”. 7. Criminal
Originally, a criminal was a criminal who had been dedicating himself to crime for a long time . Over time, it became a word to insult in an original way, to mention an evil person.
” Pablo Escobar was a crook.” 8. Puppet
If you are a person dressed in any way, or picturesquely; or you put on makeup in a very striking way , you may be accused of being a “puppet”.
“Did you see how he went to the party
With that model he looked like a puppet”.
However, an excessively presumptuous person and without reason to be so, he is also a “puppet”
. 9. Lazy
An ideal word to gracefully insult those who find it hard to get out of bed in the morning or get to work is “lazy.
” “Wake up, don’t be lazy, or you’ll be late!” 10. Mangurrian
In this case, it is about someone uncivilized , with provincial customs.
“The very mangurrian chewed with his mouth open.” 11. Cress
“Creases” is a word to subtly insult someone who is unwary , an ignorant person and without criteria.
“The problem in this society is that there are too many garden cresses with the right to vote.” 12. Meapilas
In this case, we are dealing with a refined insult to designate the exaggeratedly devout qualities of a believer. In the same way, someone who hypocritically pretends to be a person of faith can be called a “meapilas” .
“The very meapilas wanted to get married by the Church without having stepped on one in his life.” 13. Obtuse It is said of the short-sighted person , who needs to explain things over and over again so that he understands them.
Example: “If you do not understand this explanation is that you are more obtuse than I thought.” 14. Rompegalas
Similar to “puppet”, a “rompegalas” is that person badly dressed, although dirty or disheveled in appearance .
“With those holes in your pants, you’ve made quite a gala breaker.” 15. Zascandil
We end this list of words to properly insult with this one, great for talking about swindlers, sneaky and manipulative people.
“This zascandil always tries to convince us to go out partying even if we have to work the next day”.