Forecasts of high occupancy percentages, above 60%, leave the following degrees as the social sciences and health careers with the most opportunities in Spain. If you are doubting what to study, do not miss the following list.
The new challenges of society, new technologies, data management and the relevance of medical professions open up a wide range of possibilities for new students.

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The social sciences careers with the most opportunities in Spain
In the social sciences, some degrees such as Law remain as an option for the future, Business Administration continues to be the great emerging career, and in addition some new ones are positioned that respond to the needs of the new trends.

1. Business Administration
It is still the social sciences career with the most promising future. With an employment rate of over 80% , this degree ensures a wide range of roles and career paths including management, consulting, business strategy, human resources, labor relations, public policy and more.
Currently the studies that allow to have a solid base in this fieldThey include training in accounting, information systems , micro and macroeconomic theory, finance, law and marketing.

2. Law
The Law degree has always been one of the preferred courses in the field of legal and social sciences. With an occupancy rate of over 60% , it skyrockets with postgraduate specialization.
Law is one of the careers with the most professional opportunities and, in addition, it is a very well-paid vocation. Due to the complexity of its studies, it is also a good option for professional mobility (it allows you to specialize in various branches), which allows you to jump from one sector to another. In addition, it facilitates the preparation for oppositions.

3. Anthropology
Anthropology has historically been one of the most reviled science careers due to its lack of knowledge. However, with adequate training and a well-oriented specialization, it can be one of the great seams in the social sciences.
Overall, the employment rate for anthropologists is around 70%, but it has an advantage: it is one of the careers with the most job stability. Within its structure, the best thing is to do a postgraduate degree in social and cultural anthropology, which is the one that offers the most opportunities because it integrates studies of cultural diversity, transnational processes and new forms of identity .

4. Sociology
Another black myth hangs over Sociology as a discipline thrown into job failure. According to the National Institute of Statistics, more than 70% of sociology students leave with a job, in a spectrum that goes from the study of human behavior and the family to electoral results and social factors.
Due to its versatility, this career allows specializing in fields such as education, public administration, theoretical research and practical professional practice advising companies and conducting market, political and social analysis .
The university careers of social sciences with more possibilities. | Image by: Dmitry Ratushny / Unsplash.

5. Library science and documentation
The society of the future is being projected through new technologies and databases, which is why library and documentation sciences has recently become one of the most coveted in the social sciences.
It must be said that at the moment the percentage of occupation of this career is low, since it does not reach 60%, but it has a very good projection for the future as long as the student is trained in the challenges of the future as a data manager in the digital age. .

6. Pedagogy
The new social needs have introduced extensive debates about the urgency of revising certain pedagogical methods, introducing new aspects such as the pedagogy of reality, which consists of approaching the student through the experiences that he lives in his day to day.
This is just one of the novelties facing this increasingly crucial discipline for the uncertain future of Western societies. This, in Spain, opens up a promising future for these students whose training guarantees a growing employment rate .

7. Criminology
Currently there is a current of negative thought about the possibilities of Criminology in today’s mercantile world. They are not without reason, but this is because it is an expanding discipline in Spain.
Even so, it already has more than 85% occupancy, and that is why it is among the careers with the greatest future in Spain in the field of social sciences. According to experts, criminality and social control are not isolated or static processes, and Criminology offers the support to develop solutions with a multidisciplinary perspective .

The health sciences careers with the best future in Spain
Advances in the fields of biology, electronics and human genetics are introducing new possibilities and instruments for diagnosis and treatment in the health sector, which is called to be one of the great fields of occupation.

8. Medicine
97% of medical students leave with a job. It is, without a doubt, the busiest career, and its future prospects not only do not slow down but also open up a much wider range thanks to the possibilities of new technologies.
In addition, it is a reality that the European population (and in Spain especially) is aging more and more, and new diseases appear that require the constant incorporation of medical professionals in the public and private system. In the future, this trend will increase, and more and better trained doctors will be needed.

9. Veterinary
The occupation rate of veterinarians is growing (it is already exceeding 80%)in an increasingly diversified sector. Graduates in Veterinary Medicine can work as doctors and surgeons, but also in the field of health control and the production of animals on farms, ranches, fish farms, etc.
But not only that: the increase in sanitary controls in the European market allows veterinarians to also work in the inspection of foods of animal origin , and in genetic and biotechnological engineering laboratories.

10. Dentistry
According to recent studies, 76% of dentistry graduates find work , most of them related to their work environment. The success of this career makes it increasingly in demand and also offers a bright future.
As with medicine, it is a demand that does not diminish because it treats long-standing problems that will not disappear over time. In addition, technological progress introduces improvements in analysis and improvement, for example, in branches such as orthodontics or implantology . A job with guarantees and very well paid.
Health sciences, with a wide demand for new professionals. | Image from: Rawpixel.

11. Physiotherapy
Although it is a relatively new discipline , it has achieved great competition with the rest of those in the field of health. Physiotherapy is increasingly used as a complementary treatment for the improvement of muscle, bone and other problems.
This branch of medicine has gradually acquired great prestige as an evolution of osteopathy, and its main function continues to be to help the body recover after a traumatic process. The physiotherapist is no longer seen as a masseur , but as a medical professional who, in addition to having more and more work, earns more money.

12. Nursing
According to the occupancy rates in science careers, 75% of those who study nursing leave with a job, 85% of these with a job according to their studies. The labor claims that require giving more value to the work of nursing staff advance in parallel with the verification that these professionals will continue to be indispensable in the future.
The challenge for nursing in the years to come will be to adapt to new technologies, but also to develop specialized treatment adapted to each patient and to improve their professional profile in skills such as versatility and flexibility .

13. Pharmacy
Right now, more than 80% of Pharmacy students work on their own , a very attractive figure that is projected into the future with great potential. The future of this discipline is oriented towards pharmacy assistance (that is, more sanitary).
The pharmacist is a health professional, and as such they must know how to ensure that patients use their medication correctly. The expansion of this health field depends on thedeepening of the health aspect of the pharmaceutical discipline , and for this reason the institutions are giving more and more importance to the protocol.

14. Occupational therapy Over the years, fortunately, the sector of the population with physical disabilities
has become more visible in society and progress is being made by leaps and bounds in medical and care treatment so that these people gain independence and dignity.
This explains the rise of a career such as Occupational Therapy, which still has a medium range of occupation (70% of graduates find work) but has very positive prospects. The training focuses on the assessment of physical abilities and problems, psychic, sensory and social aspects of the individual for their treatment.

15. Nutrition
Many consider that dietitians-nutritionists are the professionals of the future, and they are undoubtedly called to cover the growing concerns of the individual for health and physical appearance. It is, however, a sector that is still in its infancy, as only around 60% of graduates find work, and most have to resort to self-employment.
The prospects, however, are very optimistic and contemplate the future development of an important sector of nutrition, its progressive integration in the field of public and private health, and the incorporation of professionals in multidisciplinary teams .

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