It was 1997 when the pilot episode of the series that was destined to become one of the most iconic and important TV series of the early 2000s was aired for the first time. But, more than 20 years after the start of the series, that Did the main actors of Buffy the Vampire Slayer end up?

The plot starts with the transfer to Sunnydale of the protagonist Buffy Summers. She is the only remaining vampire slayer who has the difficult task of eradicating the forces of evil. As if that weren’t enough, the gateway to darkness into our world is found in the basement of her Di lei high school. In the course of her adventure she will find several friends, willing to help her in her mission, forming the Scooby Gang with Rupert, Xander and Willow.

The series, which aired for 7 seasons, until 2003, generated considerable media noise , also in relation to the enormous appreciation shown by the public. Over the years it has been the subject of numerous university researches , generating a line of studies later called ” Buffy studies “. To date , about twenty books and hundreds of analytical articles have been published , according to Wikipedia .

Let’s find out together how they became and what the actors of Buffy the Vampire Slayer did !

Anya Jenkins – Emma Caulfield

Anya in the series and a powerful demon , she almost goes so far as to marry Xander while even if she manages to become friends with Buffy and Willow, their relationship will always remain conflictual. After Buffy , Emma Caulfield’s acting career focused on the small screen , covering, among others, a role in Once Upon a Time highly regarded by critics. She then moved to Youtube where she maintains very active and engaged contact with her fans.


Dawn Summers – Michelle Trachtenberg

As her surname suggests, Dawn is Buffy’s younger sister, as well as an active part of the gang in some episodes. She later in the series she will become a key character in the unfolding of the plot. You have participated in numerous TV series in recent years , including Dr. House, Law & Order, Criminal minds and NCIS. On the big screen, however, the most important production in which she took part she and 17 again , but she also appeared in numerous other minor roles.


Daniel “Oz” Osbourne – Seth Green

Oz is Willow’s first true love, it turns out he is a werewolf, which won’t upset the young beau, who will agree to date anyway. Thanks also to the Buffy series , Seth Green now boasts a very active career in both television and film . He starred in the TV series That ’70s show, Gray’s anatomy, Will & Grace, My name is Earl and How I met your mother . For the big screen, however, he is remembered for his parts in Austin Powers, Public Enemy, Scooby-Doo and Iron man 2.


Spike – James Marsters

In the series Spike is one of the most violent vampires, he is implanted with a chip that does not allow him to harm humans and falls in love with Buffy, sacrificing himself to save the world. James Marsters’ career has mainly focused on the small screen . He has taken part in the cast of Smalville, Numb3rs, Lie to me, Supernatural and, most recently, The order . In addition to his acting career , he boasts a good musical career since 2003 both with the Ghost of the Robot group and as a soloist .


Angel – David Boreanaz

Angel is a centuries-old vampire , Buffy’s natural enemy but she falls in love with him. The only spin off of the series , Angel , was also dedicated to his character . David Boreanaz’s acting career was marked by participation in the cult films Valentine – rendezvous with death and The Crow . For the small screen the most important roles were in Bones, Family Guy and Sleepy Hollow .

Cordelia Chase – Charisma Carpenter

Cordelia is a classmate of the vampire slaying gang , in which she will also participate briefly in spite of herself. The actress who plays her, Charisma Carpenter, has consecrated a long television career thanks to this role. She and she appeared in Veronica Mars, CSI, Supernatural, Sons of Anarchy and Lucifer. While at the cinema she has held only a few secondary roles , among which the most important was in the films The mercenaries and The mercenaries 2.


Rupert Giles – Anthony Head

Ruper and the Scooby Gang Watcher, Buffy’s mentor and guide , plays an almost fatherly role for the three leading friends. Anthony Head’s career is very prolific and his interpretations are too many to list all, both in cinema and on TV . He has taken part in the films Sweeney Todd , Ghost Rider and Percy Jackson and the Gods of Olympus, among others. While on the small screen he is remembered for Doctor Who, Merlin and the very recent The stranger .


Willow Rosenberg – Alyson Hannigan

Willow and Buffy’s best friend , an excellent hacker, will also become a very skilled witch over the course of the series. Alyson Hannigan, an actress who has become quite famous on the small screen, was chosen for the role of her . Some of her will remember her for the parts of her in the zany films of the American Pie saga . For TV, however, she then took part in the cast of That ’70s show and Veronica Mars , but above all in the series How I me your mother in the role of Lily Aldrin.


Xander Harris – Nicholas Brendon

Xander is a childhood friend of Willow’s, with no supernatural powers and the most skilled of the three in hand-to-hand combat. Nicholas Brendon, an actor quite unknown at the time, was chosen for the role . His film career was limited to a few minor productions, while for TV he appeared in several roles . Of all the most important series was Criminal minds . In 2010 he was sentenced to three years of probation due to an assault on a public official , while in 2015 he was hospitalized to detoxify from alcohol.


Buffy Anne Summers – Sarah Michelle Gellar

The lead role is played by Sarah Michelle Gellar, already quite famous at the time of the start of filming thanks to an Emmy Award won for Valley of the Pines . The role of Buffy was followed by a few minor extras in other TV series, but her career has focused on the big screen . You took part in the two horror films The Grudge and the first two of the Scooby-Doo saga, among all. In 2002 she married Freddie Prinze Jr, with whom she had 2 children, Charlotte and Rocky.