Top 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

Tommy Lee Jone

They make massive amounts of money every year, so it isn’t surprising that Hollywood stars and media moguls drop massive amounts of cash on the unbelievably luxurious houses. Given their fame and success in their respective fields, these celebrities have managed to create a majestic place for them to live.

Michael Jordan: $21 millions

Richard Gere

Barry Bonds: $25 millions

Michael Jordan

Tommy Lee Jones: $26.75 millions

Jon Bon Jovi

Bob Weinstein: $32 millions

Bob Hope

Jon Bon Jovi: $39.9 millions

Bob Weinstein

Bob Hope: $50 millions

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Richard Gere: $65 millions

Barry Bonds

Celine Dion: $72.5 millions


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