Rap, also known as Hip-hop, is one of the most popular styles of modern music, not only in Spanish, but also in other languages, always worldwide. Throughout history there have been countless singers who have left us mythical phrases that will go down in history forever. Here we leave you the 50 best Rap phrases in history.

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Rap phrases as a form of expression
Although it is a type of music that leaves no one indifferent, it has many detractors, since many people criticize its lack of musicality, because lyrics and melody do not usually go hand in hand. This same element is what many artists declare gives importance to the style , since it is the direct evolution of traditional poetry. Here you have the 50 best rap phrases in history. 50. Reality is wrong. Dreams are true (Tupac Shakur)
Tupac Shakur wasting philosophy in this rap phrase. 49. My mother always told me: “If you can’t find something to live for, find something to die for” (Tupac Shakur)
Mothers always give the best advice. 48. For every dark night, there is an even brighter day (Tupac Shakur)
Rap phrase very similar to one of the most famous of the Lion King. 47. It’s funny when the rain falls. They have money for wars but they can’t feed the poor (Tupac Shakur)
Going from pure rap to criticizing the whole system . 46. ​​Everyone is at war with different things… I am at war with my own heart sometimes (Tupac Shakur)
We all have different problems as the rap phrases make clear. 45. I am not afraid of death. My only fear is reincarnation (Tupac Shakur)
Dealing with death, taboo even today, is deep, but suitable for a great rap line by Tupac Shakur. 44. I want to grow up. I want to be better. you grow up We all grow. We are made to grow. Either you grow or you disappear (Tupac Shakur)
Life and personal evolution as the center of one of the best rap phrases in history . 43. Stay away from shy, and only act when your heart is in it. The sky is the limit (Tupac Shakur)
Don’t be left behind. 42. Excellence is my presence. Never tense, never anxious (Tupac Shakur)
As always, never underestimate yourself. 41. The reality is that you do not know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is an adventure, and nothing is certain (Eminem)
Uncertainty stars in many of the rap phrases on the list. 40. Why do we always try to fit in if we were born to stand out
(Machine Gun Kelly)

Another rap phrase that talks about the whole . 39. If I wake up tomorrow and I don’t have a dollar but I have my heart, I’ll get it all again (Wale)
Believing in oneself is the most important thing, according to this Wale rap phrase. 38. Better to lose love than not feel it (Wale)
Who does not take risks does not win. 37. Memories are our best blessing (Kanye West)
In line with the above, to live is to make mistakes. 36. Life is a bitch, but God allows me to divorce the bitch (Nas) Do not settle for the lettersthat have touched you

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35. Do you have enemies
Well, it means that you have stood up for your ideals (Eminem)

According to this rap phrase by Eminem, your ideas are worth risking everything for. 34. If you can’t do what you imagine, what use is your imagination?
(Kid Cudi)

Don’t just imagine it. 33. Never apologize for what you feel, it’s like apologizing for existing (Lil Wayne)
This rap phrase by Lil Wayne encourages us to open our hearts and stop holding negative thoughts. 32. They say that love is the key. Someone has changed the lock (Lil Wayne) The heartbreak is also an important theme in any phrase and rap song.31. You can’t change the world if you don’t change yourself first (Biggie Smalls)
Don’t look at the world, look at yourself. 30. Many of you are not where you wanted but you still go out partying every weekend. What do you celebrate

We return to the criticism of society with this rap phrase. 29. I will always overcome the doubt that flies over me (TI)
You should never doubt yourself. 28. Forget yesterday, live today. Tomorrow will take care of itself (Rick Ross)
This rap phrase conveys a message that is already topical , don’t worry, the future will come. 27. Always remember, nobody is like you. You build your life (Jay Z)
Do not judge anyone, and always improve yourself.26. Worrying is absurd. It’s like going with an umbrella always open waiting for the rain (Wiz Khalifa)
This rap phrase by Wiz Khalifa explains the absurdity of eating your head because of your problems. 25. I’m one of those who swallow blood before pride (50 Cent)
Tough guy. 24. The one who has eyes to see, the one who has ears to listen and the one who cannot find peace to fight (Kase. O)
What good Kase. Or he tells us in this rap phrase is that you live and experience. 23. Life is flow, like these thoughts that try to flee, from a mind accustomed to suffering (Kase. O)
Suffering is another of the most recurrent themes of rap phrases around the world.22. Honey, I’m not made for you if you have vertigo, up here there are days when we lack oxygen (Kase. O) Greatness is an element that never fails in rap phrases. 21. Without sweat and without gigs there is no trophy. Do you want the gold or carelessly be first
Compete, spend soles and train, put effort there is no podium without pain, partner, your ass never still. SHO-HAI

Without effort there is no prize. 20. Are you blind or are you complicit in the robbery
Sheep obeying wolves (SHO-HAI)

Social criticism again, in a rap phrase by SHO-HAI, one of the members of Rapists of the verse. 19. I only know that where there is room for ovations there is room for consolation, keep your feet on the ground (Lirico)
No matter how well things go, always be humble. 18. I never gave society problems, I just threw stones, the rest was done by gravity (Lirico)
I’ve always been good. 17. Every day I ask myself who am I, who will I be, what will I do, what will they write on my grave

Existentialist like few others, Logic presents us in this rap phrase, the inheritance that we are going to leave. 16. How can the sky be the limit when there are footprints on the moon (Logic)
Never give up. 15. Nobody wins. Be happy with you (Logic) Happiness as the ultimate goal . 14. The difference between the learner and the master is that the master has failed more times than the learner has tried (Logic)
Logic later explained that he drew the inspiration for this rap line from Star Wars. 13. I am what you say I am. If I wasn’t, why would you say I am? (Eminem)
Ignore those who criticize you. 12. To the people I forget, you’re not on my mind for some reason, and you probably don’t deserve any thanks either (Eminem) Eminem is sincere as hell with this rap line. 11. I manifest what I study, not money. That’s why I move forward by thinking not by what I buy (KRS-One)
Humility even at the top. 10. We cannot complain about this borrowed time. So don’t waste it, cause you can’t take mine (Big KRIT)
There’s only one life.9. Shakespeare is gone. Don’t think about him anymore (Dr. Octagon)
Idols also leave, as Dr. Octagon tells us with this brilliant rap phrase . 8. If I die today, don’t miss me. It wasn’t my place (R&B)
One of the most pessimistic but existentialist rap phrases on the entire list. 7. I’m doing pretty well, on the path of genius (Kanye West)
Kanye, as always, humble. 6. You all dream it, I live it (Cam’ron)
Sometimes bragging is allowed. 5. There is a god above me. Of the rest I am God. Jay Z
When you get to Jay Z, you allow yourself some license in your rap phrases. 4. Aim for the stars. If you fail, fall into the clouds (Kanye West)
Why settle for nothing? 3. Even the genius has doubts (Tupac Shakur)
We are all human after all. 2. Everyone dies, but not everyone lives (Drake)
A rap phrase from Drake that reminds us to live to the fullest. 1. Look, if you had a shot, a chance to capture everything you’ve ever wanted, wait a minute, would you take it or let it go
One of Marshall’s most famous phrases , and without a doubt, the world of rap in general

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