Funny Phrases and Jokes for MSN

Funny Phrases and Jokes for MSN

In every mother is a potential mother.

Pythagoras invented the bra for your breasts not escape on a tangent.

Do not take life seriously, in the end will not come out of it alive.

Blessed are they hope it will never be disappointed.

Alcohol kills slowly, no matter I have no trouble.

The confusion is very clear.

Kill yourself and you will be studying a corpse worship.

The world is running out of genius: Einstein died, Beethoven became deaf, and I have a headache.

The sad thing is not going to the cemetery but to stay.

There are two words that will open many doors, “pull and push. ”

The important thing is not to win but to lose another.

If you want a helping hand, you’ll find at the end of your arm.

What to drink and drive if you can smoke and fly.

Living in the clouds is not bad, bad is down.

If the study bears fruit, why not study the trees?

The eternal love lasts approximately 3 months.

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