Wedding Congratulations Sms

Marriage is certainly a major step in the life of a couple. It is the moment they decide to unite their lives forever.

This article will help you find the perfect phrase to congratulate the couple who’ve joined in love.

“Today we gather out of his hands, look at the eyes and swear each other eternal love. We want your marriage be as beautiful as the love they have both ”

“On this special day, that their souls and hearts are united by love, is a wonderful and unforgettable time in their lives”

“May your days pass with happy moments and happy, that their love for each other at this moment is eternal”

“The happiness of this day is just the beginning of a life full of happy moments for both the love you share is always present in their hearts”

“From earth to heaven and the bells, because today the love triumphed. May your marriage be happy for eternity ”

“The joy and happiness of this day should last forever in your married life. They are very happy in this new phase of their lives ”

“Love won on this day because two people love each other so freely as they have both decided to join in marriage for the rest of his days”

“Fate has decided that two people as wonderful as you join their lives forever. A future full of happiness waiting for you “

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