Top most visited countries in the world

According to the World Tourism Organization, France is the largest recipient of visitors annually, and Mexico in Latin America is the only destination among the select group of the best.

France: At any point being walked on in this country can find bits of history, art, architectural grandeur of epic legends or love. It is as if the wonders of the world had left loose, almost at random, evidence of his genius that the French have managed to keep well over time.

Spain: A tourist destination par excellence, going millions of tourists every year attracted by its beaches, the rich artistic heritage of the country and the variety of gastronomic offers, in addition to being one of the nations most beautiful and rich cultural heritage of the world .
United States: The huge U.S. territory is full of wonders that will amaze the tourist. There are many places to visit or meeting, Las Vegas, Nevada, San Francisco, California, Orlando, Florida, Alaska, New York, Yosemite National Park, Hawaii Washington DC, Los Angeles among many …

China: Among the many attractions available to China include the following: the Great Wall, Imperial Palace, Summer Palace and Ming Tombs Thirteen (Beijing), the Tomb of Qin Shi Huang (Shaanxi), converted into a museum which houses the world famous figures of warriors and horses terra cotta and the walls of the Ming Dynasty and the History Museum of Shaanxi, the nocturnal landscape of the district of Waite and the Great Bridge over the Yangtze River Nanpu ( Shanghai), the new face of the city of Shenzhen, the village of ethnic culture and the magnificence of the Nation Park Miniature China (Guangdong Province).

Italy: There were many great writers, sculptors and painters who have left their mark for the taste, as to resist the challenge. This country, the more difficult to classify by their great diversity, in every corner has something to discover. The main tourist destinations are Rome, Vatican, Florence, Venice, Milan, Turin and the Italian North, Sicily and Sardinia and Naples.

UK: The UK store for travelers a world of history and culture with 1000 years old. England is a country that offers travelers a wide variety of landscapes. Visit England lost in the immensity of the forest or in the pulsating cities. In London, the capital, finds its most fascinating places. In Wales you’ll find legendary castles and quaint towns along the Severn. In the north you can immerse yourself in the Celtic culture from distant lands of Scotland, where its wild landscapes and romantic legends and mysteries hidden within the walls of their mystical castles.

Mexico: A rapidly developing modern nation which has managed to preserve its rich historical past. Temples and cathedrals contrast with modern architecture, highways and well-equipped resorts. Feasts and festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm, and the markets of towns and cities are lively and attractive. The main tourist destinations in Mexico are in the Mayan World, Beaches, Mexico City, Baja California, Northern Mexico, Southern Mexico and central Mexico.

Germany: With his stories of kingdoms, the four seasons, representing a diversity of nature in which any time of year and the architecture of many cycles, impress your visitors to give everything. Germany is a very safe country to travel and has all the comforts to enjoy an unforgettable holiday, as is also the center of the European Union and therefore an ideal starting point for your tours of Europe. You can walk to vacation, activity, culture, or to find the deeper traditions of its inhabitants.

Austria: This country is not only famous for having some of the best mountain resorts in the world, but also for its landscapes and mountains and its rich history. The federal provinces of the west – Vorarlberg, Tyrol and Salzburg Province – are the most tourists from around the country. The province of Carinthia in the south of the country, has a mild climate and attractive natural resources, what is becoming a major tourist destination.

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