The Smurfs 2: Release Date August 2013

While the Smurfs are very successful film, Sony Pictures has announced that a suite was already in the program. Unlike Spiderman, no specific date has been set out but the studios provide programming in August 2013.

The Sony Pictures do not waste their time. Officials had already announced it is little more than was already in the program for the film Spiderman, a precise date had even been set: May 2, 2014. Without going as far into the details of the date, Sony has announced a series of the Smurfs was scheduled for August 2013.

If the announcement of this result is not surprising in view of the carton of the Smurfs in theaters (the movie has already raised $ 135 million of revenue, or about 93.9 million euros and placed in head at the box office in 23 countries including France), no one expected so soon. For now, no actor has been hired, the director is far from being confirmed. For now, only one manufacturer is already in the program. It’s a big job ahead for studios … For the film’s success is perhaps due to the presence of actors rather popular (Neil Patrick Harris, Jayma Mays or Hank Azaria as Gargamel).

Nevertheless, the Smurfs will certainly live their adventures outside New York. During their interview, they talked about going to London.

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