The History of Mother’s Day

The official commemoration of the “Mothers Day” goes back to the times of ancient Greece when Rhea was the Great Mother of the Gods.

Throughout history they find expressions of this celebration. In the seventeenth century England held “service on Sunday.” That day the maids came home to visit his mother, and celebrated the event with a cake. It was not until the twentieth century that this conmeraciĆ³n receive an official from the hand of Anna M. Jarvis. After a family gathering to mark the third anniversary of the death of his mother, the American professor had the idea of dedicating a day to all mothers. Following here the second Sunday in May 1907 was held for the first time the “Mother’s Day.”

Anna Jarvis continued his campaign for the “Mothers Day” and finally May 10, 1908 was held this date publicly.

In the Episcopal Church in Grafton West Virginia is no record of this with a commemorative plaque. This date was officially decalarada in 1910 by the governor of West Virginia, William Glascock. In May 1914, Anna got to date is included in the federal schedule of the United States. Soon, more than 40 countries adopted this commemoration.

In tribute to a special person in the Mother’s Day gift does not require any great value, this concept was introduced by trade. It is enough to offer something symbolic: a flower garden, a postcard, a poem … or just a big hug, words of tenderness and appreciation … a simple gesture to feel loved.

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