The best phrases to attract and conquer a girl

One of the things that anyone can ask is how to love show affection to that special someone that drives us crazy. Apart from the details, which are very important and one of the engines that are going to help us with that guy or girl that we like, it is necessary to use words and phrases is that love, at any time prior to a romance, are essential.

However finding the best phrases for love is not always easy because they are so trite that costs be original. However, it is certainly not always the most unusual or extraordinary is the best, actually a pretty simple phrase that time is better than a prefabricated phrase catching any movie or book of love (although these media, of course, can be useful to us). Among the simple sentences, the most popular and most results can give are: “You are a very special,” “I can not live without you“,  “You’re the person who had always dreamed of“,  “You are the light that gives meaning to my existence“, “Without you I am nothing “, ” Time without you is eternal”, I love you more than anyone I ever loved“, etc..

Although the phrases for love, typical and topical phrases are the first we come to a head when hunting the person who interests us, it is true that sometimes it is necessary to say something different to the other person is feel unique. At the moment, perhaps, seek help can be great poets like Mario Benedetti, Jorge Luis Borges and Pablo Neruda, can be a great idea, so love phrases like “All About Us why you’re as absent” or the verses of “strategy and tactics” can save us from any unexpected situation (so no memory aprendérnoslos we will be all bad).

Sentences for love are essential to achieve what you set.

However, the sentences to love, above all, have to be customized. In the same way that every person that every person that you wanted to made you feel something different, to use the same phrases for all of them, it is almost blasphemy. Should in that case, get your weapons poet, and write something special for themselves and that person can understand what you feel and therefore infected with your love. Any trick? Put a song of love that makes you think of that person and let the lyrics inspire you, not about writing something ultra perfect, but write from the heart, so just write the best love phrases.

How can you do to use basic phrases and totally love it helpful to get the person of your dreams, do not forget, it’s time to take advantage and … triumph.

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