The Anniversary – Wedding – 1 to 20 years of marriage

The list of wedding anniversaries  (1 to 20 years)

1 year of marriage: Cotton

Cotton is a vegetable fiber that surrounds the seeds from cotton. This fiber
is usually transformed into yarn that is woven to make fabrics.

2 years of marriage: leather

Leather is tanned animal skin. Many used to manufacture leather bags, shoes, belts, wallets … The leather does not tire and remains timeless.

3 years of marriage: weddings wheat

Wheat or wheat is the most important species of wheat grown. It is used to make bread.

4 years of marriage: weddings wax

Oily substance secreted by certain animals (bees) or extracted from some plants (resin).
5 years of marriage: Wood

Wood is characterized by its hardness and rigidity. It stores all the signs of time, as the initials of a loved one engraved in a heart forever.

6 years of marriage: weddings in Cyprus

Perfume based bergamot and sandalwood, the name of Cyprus, an island state and the Eastern Mediterranean.

7 years of marriage: weddings wool

Soft, curly fiber obtained from the fleece of some mammals such as sheep, goats or camels.

8 years of marriage: weddings poppy

Little wild flower poppy red that grows in the fields. Its flowers are used for their calming properties. The poppy seeds used in cooking but also to make opium ….

9 years of marriage: wedding china

Earthenware baking opaque, glazed or enameled.

10 years of marriage: weddings tin

It is a silver-gray metal. It is used to make kitchen utensils or decorative accessories.

11 years of marriage: the wedding of coral

Calcareous skeleton and colorful coral polyps that form as the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

12 years of marriage: weddings silk

Substance secreted form of wire by some arthropods, mainly the caterpillar of mulberry, called silkworms. These are a son precious fabric. Timeless, silk is a noble material used extensively in haute couture.

13 years of marriage: weddings thrush

Herbaceous plant of temperate regions, flowers small and white
bells, grouped in clusters very fragrant. This flowering plant to
or about May 1 and bring good luck when the offer date.

14 years of marriage: weddings lead

Very dense metal with a bluish gray, soft, easily fusible and easy to work
and laminate.

15 years of marriage: weddings crystal

Natural mineral transparent and hard, like ice. It is a symbol of purity.

16 years of marriage: Sapphire

Precious stone, a natural form of corundum and very hard transparent, blue, pink, yellow or green, often deep blue and bright.

17 years of marriage: Rose

Flower rose, a sweet smell, ornamental, whose primitive type is a very pale red.

18 years of marriage: Turquoise

The turquoise is a mineral composed of hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminum, a non-transparent colored rock from light blue to apple green which can make jewelry.

19 years of marriage: weddings cretonne

Strong cotton canvas, used in furniture.

20 years of marriage: wedding china

Translucent material, waterproof, made from kaolin, used in fine ceramics.

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