The 10 Pickup Lines That Work Like Magic

a pick up line

Pick up lines tend to be regarded as being lame, cheesy, amusing, sad or merely ineffective and I would definitely agree simply because 99% of the time it’s a lousy pick up line or the individual using the pick up line is not playing the “game” in the correct way. Here are the ones we like best. So sit back, relax and enjoy. And then, good luck.

1. “Wow. Your eyes are so beautiful. Are those contact lenses?”

2. “Your eyes are really cute.”
3. “Will you stop staring at me already? You’re really making me self-conscious.”

4. “I love your heels. How short are you actually without them?”

5. “Ah! The tough act. You kind of remind me of ex in that way. Don’t worry. I know exactly what you’re doing here.”

6. “Your voice is so beautiful, you make fartleks sound appealing.”

7. “Do you know karate? ‘Cause you have a great finishing kick!”

8. ” I am like chocolate pudding. I look like crap but I am sweet as can be!”

9. “I hope there’s a fireman around, ’cause you’re smokin’ fast!”

10. “You must be a boxer. One look at you, and I’m knocked out for the count”

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