Sweet Love Messages – Sms Text Messages for Lovers

Sweet Love Messages – Sms Text Messages for Lovers

What can you do if the person that makes you mourn is therefore the only way to comfort you?

Any desire or longing automatically ends when you manage: die to find satisfaction. Love the contrary, is an eternal unsatisfied.

Love is a flower of spring between two people that takes place in summer and does not fade in winter.

Live love, love, suffering, silent suffering and always smiling.

For you I sigh, for you I die, for you in the classes I put “0”.

Sometimes love unites two beings who can not swim and live in two different islands.

Love, like a ceramic, when broken, but is rebuilt, you know the scars.

Love is not counting the years, if not rather, that the years count.

In a kiss, you know everything I callado.Feliz Valentine’s day!

When I think of you and me sleepless nighter “I am afraid, afraid to love you so much as you want! Happy Valentine’s day!

The day I met you I was afraid to look at you, kiss you q day I was afraid to love, and now I have I q I fear to lose.

Sometimes I wonder why life is so beautiful, now I know, because you’re in it.

This pain is terrible I can hardly forget that light in your eyes I need your warmth Because when you were.

Would return the smile I lost long ago with a hug and a kiss receive and give thanks to God for having you again.

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