Special Wife Birthday Wishes – Happy Birthday Messages for Girlfriends and Wives


God gave me an angel to guide me and show me the way when He gave me YOU. Happy Birthday to an incomparable wife.

You shine like the sun to me. Your eyes twinkle like the stars. You pull me closer like the moon controls the ocean tides. Happy Birthday.

A thousand years with you would pass in a moment and I would want a thousand more. Happy Birthday.

I don’t feel ashamed in telling all my friends that you are in charge of our married life. I feel lucky and proud to have a woman as beautiful, talented and focused like you as my wife. Happy birthday.

As long as I have you by my side there isn’t anything in the world that can stop me now. To a supportive wife and a beautiful life partner like you, I take a bow. Happy birthday.

My favorite place on this planet is your heart and on your birthday I would like to tell you that you are the world to me. Happy Birthday.

All your life you’ve caringly looked after me. Sit back, relax and allow me to make up to you on your Birthday by showering you with presents, celebrations and love that lasts a lifetime. Happy Birthday dear!

I thank God for this day because it is the day you were born. Without you, my existence is meaningless. I love you. Happy Birthday!

You are not just a wife to me, you are my best friend. I count on you for everything because nobody else understands me the way you do. Thank you for being such a doll. Happy Birthday, wifey!

The way you juggle multiple everything is an amazing feat. You are the only reason why our family feels happy and complete. Happy birthday to the woman so beautiful, mom so loving and wife so sweet.

When I look into your eyes I see the intelligence, beauty and passion that attracted me to you. Oh and a little of that look you can have that scares me out of my wits. Happy Birthday.

The girl who managed to make me like soap operas and hate using dirty washrooms deserves a standing ovation on her birthday. Have a great day sweetheart.

I may not always show my appreciation for all the love and affection you are throwing my way but rest assured that I will always love you. Happy Birthday!

Wine becomes a lot sweeter with age. This is the same for you wife. You become more beautiful each year. Happy Birthday!

We’ve built memories that will never be taken away from us no matter how many grey hairs we grow or how many wrinkles we acquire through the years. Happy Birthday!

I will be forever grateful for the love you have given me all these years. I just hope that you have many more years to spend with me. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you baby. You are the prettiest woman I have ever seen. But more than that, you have the most beautiful heart ever. I feel so proud to call you my wife.

Diamonds would be too cheap and gold too common when compared to a jewel like you. Happy birthday sweetie.

You are my life’s healing tonic. Without you, my life would be completely toxic. Happy birthday to my dearest wife.

If it were not for you, I would have never known what is love. Thank you for being my wife and bring so much happiness into my life. I’m glad that now I can call you my family. I love you so much. Happy Birthday, my beloved.

You are the only key to my life who knows how to wind and unwind me. Happy birthday to the most amazing wife in the world.

Without you my house would have been a bachelor pad, and the state of my life would have been real bad. Happy birthday.

As you blow the candles on your Birthday cake today, I am thankful to God for giving me such a loving, caring and an honest partner. Wishing you a very warm and loving Happy Birthday!

All the gold, silver and diamonds in the world are not enough to match the shine and radiance of your beautiful face and the gleam in your pretty eyes. You are the glory of my life, darling. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

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