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You learn to love, not when you find the perfect person, but when he learns to believe in the perfection of an imperfect person.

It takes a minute to get fixated on someone, an hour you like, a day to love him, but it takes a lifetime so you can olvidar.

Love is something difficult to explain, easy to feel and impossible to forget.

No person deserves your tears, and who deserves them, never will llorar.

When you’re in love, fidelity is fácil.Feliz Valentine’s day!

I love you not only for what they are but for who I am when I’m with you.

Love is not manifested in the desire to sleep with someone, but of sleeping with someone.

Love makes the world go round, makes friendship be worth in …

Do not ever forget that first kiss is not given by mouth, but with the eyes.

In a kiss, you know everything I callado.Feliz Valentine’s day!

When I think of you and me sleepless nighter “I am afraid, afraid to love you so much as you want! Happy Valentine’s day!

The day I met you I was afraid to look at you, kiss you q day I was afraid to love, and now I have I q I fear to lose.

Sometimes I wonder why life is so beautiful, now I know, because you’re in it.

It’s terrible this pain I can hardly forget that light in your eyes I need your warmth Because when you were.

Would return the long lost smile with a hug and a kiss receive and give thanks to God for having you again.

If you come back regain my faith in love would believe in magic and fairy tales … life would fail me to give to you the evenings I would go in a flash … the day would fall gently as feathers birds.

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