Romantic Text Messages Best Love Status for Messenger, Facebook, Twitter

Romantic Text Messages Best Love Status for Messenger, Facebook, Twitter

I can not watch the sunrise reflected in your eyes of love, a thousand feelings run through me to enjoy the pleasure of your kisses .. I look forward to your presence.

One minute you look in my eyes, a silence in which my hands kiss your skin, one minute you see the pleasure in your body .. silence for our pleasure.

Posing my lips gently on your skin, running your heat gently, slowly feeling the savage force of your passion, love with our bodies.

Your voice full of tenderness, the sound of that voice that makes me dream and get lost in thoughts of happiness, your intoxicating voice that brings me to the sweet, your sweet voice that whispers I love you and makes a mine shut …. that voice I long to feel beside me and is very far.

I love you but keep silent, I love you but I dare not tell you, I think if you’re not, even if you miss you, I smile but do not look at me .. love me.

Mild feelings of harmony lead me to you, your majestic movement of coral princess charms my senses, the light of your beauty paralyzes my actions ….


You fascinate me, because there is only you in my life, your love to me because my life is empty without you, you feed me because you live alone … You captivate me because I can only stare at you.

All my hope in you, dreaming of love, die for your angelic tenderness, give my life for your infinite tenderness, change my life for a moment of thy beauty ….. love.

Singing with the soft melodies of your body, feeling your skin on the boil with the heat of our fire, to die of pleasure, kissing me, kill me or love me …

Sometimes I miss you, others will love, others you need, but always I love you, because you are always in me.

You learn to love, not when you find the perfect person, but when he learns to believe in the perfection of an imperfect person

I spent an hour one day meet and fall in love. But I will forget you achieve a lifetime.

If I were the sea, and your rock, would raise the tide, to kiss your mouth

I am the happiest person in the world when I say-hi-o I smile because I know that, even if it was for just a second, you thought of me.

If you add up all the stars of heaven, all the grains of sand in the oceans, all roses in the world and all the smiles that have been in the history of the world, begin to get an idea of ​​how much I love you.

If I could be a part of you, would choose to be your tears. Because your tears are conceived in your heart, born in your eyes, live on your cheeks and die on your lips.

A man wants to be the first love of his beloved. A woman wants her lover to be his last love.

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