Romantic Love Messages for the Person You Love

Collection of ready to send romantic messages, love messages for sms romantic for dating, is a special occasion to remember the loved one.

When I’m with you time goes by like seconds.

Sometimes I wonder why life is so beautiful, now I know, because you’re in it.

It is impossible not to notice a person in a second, take an hour to start to like you one day to start worrying about him and your whole life to get rid of his memory.

I dreamed that I loved, I dreamed that I wanted and I fell down the bed for dreaming.

Why stay a longer time to be apart if together we can achieve anything.

There are roses in the park … roses in my garden, but nothing is mrs beautiful than our lips in the dark!

The most beautiful I go to sleep is to hope and to dream the most beautiful you wake up is that I know that you really are.

The day I met you I was afraid to look at you, kiss you q day I was afraid to love, and now I have I q I fear to lose.

You know why the sea is salty? Because you stole all the sweetness you …

No person deserves your tears, and who deserves them, never will llorar.

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